Fuck she hated him so much!

Well maybe hate wasn’t the right word… envied?

She snapped the selfie and then messaged him, “Me so horny! You come home soon and fucky fucky!”

If she was honest, she would have been doing the same thing to him if she’d put it together first. Well, maybe not exactly the same thing, she wasn’t much in to himbos, but she would have changed him in to a nice meek prince charming that catered to her every whim… and had a dick that could go all night too.

She wiggled her ass out of the bathroom and back out to the pool where she laid down on the suncot and tried to get some colour in to her skin, even if she knew that wasn’t going to work.

Her phone chirped just as she did and she picked it up to read the message from Richard, “Soon babe, soon. Just got one more meeting with the university board to go.”

She messaged back and sad emoji, followed by a peach and an eggplant.

She could only image what he was doing at the university. Well, obviously covering his tracks and probably creating several more horny bimbos for his amusement of course, but the board seemed a little extreme. They certainly hadn’t know about the work the two of them were doing and no one had seen the ramifications of it until Richard had.

She set her phone back down on the table beside her and then picked up the dildo, placing it up to her lips before sliding it between them and down as far as it would go. She gagged several times, trying to get it deeper and deeper. He could have easily removed her gag reflex with the device, hell he could do just about anything with it honestly.

It literally let him warp reality to his thoughts, so a little thing like a gag reflex was nothing at all to do away with.

She took a break and let out a sigh as she looked down at her tits. She’d never really had any before, and the body he had given her was amazing in other ways too. Sensitive in places that drove her crazy as soon as he touched them, with orgasms that just kept going and going and going. And even when one stopped, there was another waiting in the wings to take its place.

Just thinking about it made her hand slip down under her bottoms and find her waiting clit, her other hand slipping in to her top and finding her rock hard nipple.

She masturbated for quite a while, never coming of course, until she could take no more, “Me so horny! Me need Mr. Richard! Mr. Richard dick so big!”

Then she relaxed, a wave of pleasure coursing through her as the words left her lips the only release she would have until Richard returned and fucked her properly.

It was humiliating of course, she knew the neighbours could hear her, she was pretty sure if she looked over she’d see the dirty old man that lived next door watching her over the fence. She didn’t look though, it was better not to know than to know for sure that she was putting on a display for all to see.

Just a few days ago she’d been a published researcher at an esteemed university with a bright future. Sure, she was a wall flower, with short black hair, a stick figure body and all the charisma of a stone, but she was respected.

Now she was just a dumb blonde sex toy for Richard and she knew his appetites would only grow more and more extreme as the weeks went by. As the old saying goes, with power comes corruption, with ultimate power comes ultimate corruption. And Richard certainly had ultimate power now.

She sighed and picked up the dildo again, slipping it between her lips once more. If there was one saving grace out of the entire mess, it was that she at least got one thing she would have done if she’d put it all together first.

Richard did have a dick that would go all night long and so she had to make sure she could take it in every hole with ease. Otherwise, well who knows what he might do. She knew one thing for sure though, she didn’t want to find out so she slipped the dildo even deeper in to her throat until she once more gagged and had to spit it out.