Mia looked down her nose as the man approached her, an almost half smile crossed her face, but it was mixed with a frown and came out looking wrong somehow. But she played the game anyway and ran her fingers through her hair, brushing it over her ear as he smiled and arrived in front of her.

“Hey, I haven’t see you at one of these things before…” he said.

“Yeah, not really my scene.” she flatly replied, looking around at the “art” gallery, if you could call it that. It was some street artist she’d never heard of and didn’t care to either. She was here because, well, she was arm candy and arm candy had to be shown off.

“Then why are you here?” he asked, not taking the hint of her tone of voice or body language.

“Well, my *date* is in to these things and will probably buy some of this junk.” she replied, over the conversation and wanting the man to move on.

“Ah, you must be with Gerald.” he replied and she raised an eyebrow.

“How did you…”

“Well, there aren’t many patrons of this kind of art, and well, Gerald has a type…” he said, taking a quick look up and down her, “I’m David.”

He extended his hand and something in the back of her mind tweaked, “David… as in the artist?” she replied, just before she took his hand and an electric current ran up her arm.

“Yes, I’m the one that created this junk.” he said with a smile and Mia’s face flushed, not from embarrassment, but something else.

“Why don’t I give you a private tour of the workshop Mia.” he said and tugged at her a little, her hand still in his.

“Oh… ok…” she stuttered out, her mind swirling, the electricity still flowing in to her body and she leaned on David slightly to steady herself as they walked out of the party to the back room.

Mia was seated in a chair, leaning slightly forward with her lips wrapped around David’s cock. One of her hands was pulling at an erect nippled on her left tit, her other was buried between her legs as she frigged herself.

‘God I love sucking cock!’ she thought as she pushed all the way down David’s shaft and nuzzled her nose in to his public hair.

It had never seemed to be that way before, oh she’d given oral sex before, she was after all a gold digger and had to do all kinds of things she wasn’t particularly interested in. But this was different. She was sucking cock and she was horny!

Really horny in fact! Not just a normal kind of wetness between the legs she had every once in a while, but the kind of horny that when David had suggested a blowjob that she hadn’t even flinched at it but just leaned forward and started doing it.

Mia pulled back off of David’s dick, let out a small giggle and then looked up at him, a wide smile on her face and lust in her eyes, “Come on baby, can we fuck now?”

David smiled down at her and a shiver ran through her, “Tell you what. Why don’t I take a seat and you stand up and give me a little strip tease first.”

“Ok baby!” she replied, almost jumping out of the chair and getting in front of him. He took a seat in the vacated chair and she started to wiggle her hips and gyrate in front of him.

It wasn’t long before she was naked, dancing in only her high heels, her hands roaming freely over her body. Gripping her nipples, sliding between her legs, plunging between her lips.

She turned around to face away from him, spread her legs and then bent over at the waist, her fingers once more going between her legs and spreading her pussy, “Come on baby, don’t you want to fuck this wet little asian pussy?”

He leaned forward and slipped his fingers between her legs and in to her pussy, “Oh god yes! Finger my wet little cunny! I need it! I need it so bad!”

“Tell me more Mia…” David said and she looked back over her shoulder at him in confusion for a moment.

But it didn’t last as her brain put it together and her lips moved once again, “I’m a horny little asian slut baby! I need a big white cock inside of my cunt! I just can’t resist it! I’m a sluttly little asian whore for big white cock!”

He grabbed her hips and pulled her back down on to his lap, plunging her on to his dick as he did so, “OH MY GOD YES! You’re big white cock is so huge! It’s gonna split me in two! You’re stretching my little asian cunt so wide! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! GIVE ME MORE OF YOUR BIG WHITE COCK!”

Mia came hard as her whole body shook, several times until David pulled her up off his lap and let her slide down on to the floor, exhausted.

David stood beside Gerald and tied his robe closed, “Is that what you were looking for?” he asked.

Gerald smiled and nodded, “As per usual I purchased three large pieces and several smaller ones as well. I quite like the blue one this time actually.”

“Thanks, I thought you might. Let me know if anything else catches your eye and I’ll send it over.”

“I will, you are an absolute artist David.” Gerald said, nodding his head towards Mia who was still sprawled out on the floor.

“When she comes around send her to my place in a cab, along with a copy of the video of course.”

“Of course. Do you mind if I ask you a question Gerald?”


“How long are you planning on keeping this one around for?”

“I don’t know, they usually begin to bore me in a few months. Though the lungs on this one are impressive… why?”

“I kind of like her. She just had a look I liked when I first went up to her. You know the one, head titled back a bit as she looked down her nose at the whole world?”

“Yeah, I know it. Well, when I’m done with her I’ll send her back your way. It’s the least I can do.”

“Thanks.” David replied and shook Gerald’s hand before they both left the room. Gerald headed out to the party and David headed back to clean up a bit before doing the same.

David enjoyed his art, but it didn’t pay the bills, fortunately his other talent did, even if he didn’t like use it too much. After all how could you tell if your art was any good when every person you touched wanted nothing more than to please you?

David guessed it was the curse of any artist really, in his case it was just a little more extreme.