Cindy pouted and looked down at Derek, “Like, this is totally not what I thought you meant when you asked if I wanted to play with your ball!”

Derek just chuckled and snapped another photo as he looked up, “I know babe, but trust me, this is important too.”

She rolled her eyes and then smiled, “Like, nuth’n is more important than playing with your balls silly! giggle Well, except, ya know, sucking your cock…”

Derek just shook his head and continued, “Ok, well why don’t you pull that top up and show me the tits I’ll be fucking later.”

giggle Like totally!” she enthused and fumbled to hold on to the football while she pulled the jersey up over her massive tits. She eventually managed it and Derek caught a series of images he knew would sell well.

He spent another twenty minutes or so taking photo’s of her, eventually having her take her shorts off as well, and then humping the football between her legs. When she cried out from an orgasm, he knew the photo shoot was done.

Derek slide his cock between Cindy’s tits as she smiled up at him, “Oh my god, fuck my big fake tits baby!” she cried out as she held her tits together and pumped his cock between them. It wasn’t long before he cum sprayed out from between them and hit her face, sending her it to convulsions as her orgasm rocked her.

She collapsed on the the floor between his legs, a stupid grin across her lips as she babbled on and on about her tits.

He smiled and then frowned a little, perhaps he’d gone a little overboard, three pills had really done a number on Cindy, not that he was really complaining.

There was a time when she had been on track to become the first female football player in the NFL as a wide receiver, but someone had slipped her a pill and ended that dream in a sex filled haze for her.

By the time he’d tracked her down, well, there wasn’t much left of her old self, but he still had a plan for her.

He stood up and walked over to the kitchen counter and looked down at the stack of signed photos she’d just completed before giving him a titty fuck. The titty fuck was of course the reward for doing a good job at signing them, and the photo shoot from earlier in the day too.

He’d send the signed photos out over the next couple of days, and process the images from the shoot as well, but right now he had other things to do.

He walked over to Cindy and reached down and gave her a little shake, “Ok sleepy head, enough laying around, time to go get ready for tonight.”

Cindy looked up at him and giggle, “Like, am I gonna have my titties fucked some more tonight?”

He smiled and nodded, “You know it. Your tits, your mouth, your pussy and your ass before the night is through I’m sure.”

“Oh goodie! giggle I just love having my titties fucked… and like the rest of me too! giggle

Derek just nodded and smiled, he was sure the group of guys that were paying for her tonight would certainly enjoy fucking the rest of her too.