Giselle giggled and started to pull her panties down around her hips, “Like, sure baby, of course!”

Once they were off she did the same with her top and then walked over to Jim and draped her arms over his shoulders and then leaned in and kissed him. Her nipples hardened, her pussy moistened and a shiver of pleasure ran over her entire body as he reached around and grabbed her ass and then gave it a slap.

In all honesty she really shouldn’t think of it as her body any more, Jim had twisted it in to a parody of her old self and she had no real control over it anyway. And when she said twisted, she meant exactly that.

She had no idea what his power was, or where it came from, but all he had to do was concentrate for a moment and he could reshape her body in any way he wanted. Earlier in the day her tits had been half the size they were now and she’d been a blonde. Who knows what she’d be by tonight.

It was the same with her mind, she could remember being a university student at one time, or at least she thought she did. It was hard to tell if it was a “real” memory or just something he’d put in her head. But she held on to the idea it was real, and that perhaps one day she would be again.

He broke off the kiss and she leaned back just a little and then moved her arms from his shoulders and cupped her tits, pushing them together slight, “So baby, do ya wanna fuck my big fake titties? giggle

He smiled and shook his head, it was impossible to know what he’d wanted when he’d said “Get undressed and come over her, I want to fuck you.”

It was frustrating, he’d been on a kick of tit fucking for the last few days, but without more specificity, well “fuck you” could mean just about anything.

Another slap on her ass though cleared things up and she smiled and giggled again, “Oh! Like sure baby, of course!”

She wiggled back over to the shelf in the bathroom wall, placed her hands on it and pushed her ass as far back as she could while spreading her legs.

A moment later she felt his grip her hips and push up against her sphincter, “Oh god ya baby, fuck my tight little ass!” she cried out, encouraging him as she pushed back, trying to get him inside of her.

He lifted his hand off her hip and gave her ass a slap, “I’m… I’m sorry baby… I just need your cock in my ass soooooo bad!”

She held still and then she felt him pushed slowly deeper and deeper in to her, “Oh god baby! Your big hard cock feels sooooooooo good in my tight little ass! Please baby, push it all the way in! I need you cock buried deep in my ass!”

When she felt his crotch finally come up against her ass all she could do was moan and throw her head back, sending her mass of hair down her back.

Then she felt his cock expanding inside of her and she cried out in sheer pleasure as he pulled back and slammed his over sized cock in to her over and over again, “Oh god baby, you’re gonna split me in two with that monster!” she managed to get out between cries of bliss and squeals of pleasure.

His cum flowed in to her bowels and her body quivered as orgasm after orgasm washed over her.

He finally pulled out of her ass and slapped her ass several times with his cock, sending droplets of cum on to her lower back, each one sending another small orgasm through her.

It was only a few minutes later he left the bathroom after cleaning himself up and left her standing against the wall, completely zoned out with a stupid grin across her lips.

When some semblance of reason returned to her she wondered why she would ever want to return to university when Jim’s cock taught her everything she needed to know, that she was the biggest anal slut in the world and nothing Jim did would ever change that.