I have to admit, that when the four friends moved in across the hallway that I had been a little creepy.

Not in some overt stalker kinda way, but let’s face it, when four drop dead gorgeous women share an apartment right next to you it’s hard not to stare.

Fortunately for me Jen, Mia, Olivia and Suki didn’t seem to notice and after my initial awkwardness even considered me a friend.

I still feel a little bad for taking advantage of that, but only a little bit. I mean it’s not like I’m a bad person, at least I don’t consider myself so. But when the four recent university graduates moved in, well, I just couldn’t help myself.

I’d already been working on the software since my own graduation last year and was at the point I needed some “test” subjects anyway, so when Mia was having problems with her phone, well, it was just too easy to slip the software on to her phone.

From there, it embedded subliminal messages in to the photos she took and shared with the others and within a week they had all come to me needing “help” with their devices.

Mia was the first drop by one night and offer to give me a blowjob, “just as friends”. The rest had followed on a few days later. Now, all four were eager to please me, though in different ways.

Jen was the oral specialist. The things she did to me, and the others, with her mouth was just amazing. She had just recently gotten a tongue stud and was talking about getting a frenectomy as well. She had always been interested in cooking, and was now the dedicated chef of the group.

Mia was all about her boobs. She was having orgasms just from me sucking on them for a while and the look on her face when my dick was sliding between them was pure bliss. She had taken on the roll of hostess, always making sure everyone had what they needed in the apartment.

Olivia couldn’t get enough dick in her pussy, it was pretty much all she thought about. Well, except for he cleaning of course, she’d taken up the role of maid and often walked around the apartment in a sexy little back outfit that showed off her body as much as possible while she worked.

Suki though, Suki was the one that had pulled it all together, taking on the “motherly” roll for all of them. She made sure the bills were paid, they all got to where they had to be each day, and ran the apartment with an iron fist. With me though, she spent most of her time with her face down and ass up hoping I’d satisfy her anal addiction.

Today though, I’d told all four of them to be ready for a “family meeting” and so they had all gotten undressed and waited for me to arrive. What none of them had realized was that the subliminal messages over the last few weeks had been preparing them for this day.

“Hello girls, how are you today?” I asked with a smile.

“Great!” “Fantastic!” “Awesome!” “So happy your here David!” they said over each other.

“That’s great girls, look I know you all have been worried about getting jobs and starting your careers, and I think I have something that could help with that.”

“Really?” Suki asked, speaking for the others as well.

“Yep, a friend of mine has a massage parlour just down the street and he really needs some new staff. I mentioned I knew some ladies that were looking for work and he said to send you down if your interested.”

“Oh… well… I mean we didn’t go to medical school or anything so we don’t really know how to give a massage…” Suki replied, a concerned look on her face, not wanting to disappoint me for trying to help.

I let out a little chuckle, “Oh, don’t worry, it’s not that kind of massage parlour if you know what I mean.”

All four of their faces lit up with smiles, “Oh! Really? We could certainly do that kind of massage!” Suki said and the others all nodded along.

“Great, I’ll let him know you’ll be dropping by tomorrow and I’ll text you the location.”

“Thanks David, we really appreciate all the help you’ve given us. Perhaps you’d like one of us to come back to your place for a while?” Suki asked as she looked at the others and then me.

“Hmmm… well…” I said as all four preened to gain my favour, “How about Mia?” I said and Mia almost leap from her feet and shuffled over to me quickly and cozied in beside me. The other four frowned for just a split second before smiles returned to their faces.

“Of course.” Suki said, with obvious disappointment in her voice.

“But, when we’re done, why don’t you come over for a while too. I want to go over a few things about the jobs with you.”

She nodded enthusiastically as I turned and headed towards the apartment door, Mia grabbing a housecoat that hung by the door to cover herself up for the few feet between our apartments.

The “friend” that needed the new masseurs wasn’t really a friend at all, but my new business partner. He had a string of massage parlours across the city and was always looking for new attendants, especially those that were eager to please the customers.