“Like, oh my god Boss, is it time already?” Stephanie asked as she stood by her desk and pushed her chest out.

“It is, are you ready Stephi?” Don asked and all she could do was nod and smile.

Taking the job as Don’s Executive Assistant had been the best decision of her life, who needed all the stress of being a manager?

Well, second best decision because of course when she’d signed the paperwork to demote herself to a simple secretary, that had been the best. But then again, maybe when she’d died her hair almost white for him, that had been the best decision, or maybe when she’d tossed out her entire wardrobe and replaced it with tight little numbers that show off her body?

Well, it didn’t really matter, she’d made so many good decisions that involved Don in one way or another that it was hard to keep track.

Stephanie looped her arm through Don’s and they walked towards the elevator and headed down to the parking garage. Don had been nice enough to offer to take her to her surgery today and even given her the time off as well to recover.

She was looking forward to her big new tits, another great decision she’d made after talking to Don.

But what really had her excited these days, aside for her pending new tits, was the discussions with Don around her pending demotion. Being his live in fuck toy would certainly be the best decision she had ever made, she was sure of it.