Even turning her head was difficult now, the programming on the AR glasses had wormed it’s way so deeply in to her mind that even the simplest of actions was challenging without being told to do them.

She hadn’t imagined it would be this way when Ian, her boyfriend, had suggested she try his new language tutor system to learn Norwegian so she could talk to her grandparents in their native language.

Oh, it certainly had helped her learn Norwegian, she was fluent now, but it had also done other things. Like encourage her to go to the gym more, to buy new outfits like the one she was wearing now, to be less assertive, more passive, more accommodating to him.

It didn’t take long for it all to sink in and then he really stepped it up. It wasn’t just more accommodating, it was completely submissive to him. It was just more passive it was inactive unless commanded. It was just less assertive, it was completely deferential to anything he said.

And that was why she was standing in the corner of their bedroom, wearing the AR glasses, receiving even more programming from him.

Her head returned to the forward position as the effort to keep it turned was just too much and she refocused on the image in front of her eyes and hoped he would return soon and tell her what to do next.

If she was lucky, it would involve him using her body in some way, as that was what it was for. That thought had been drilled in to her mind by the AR glasses almost since the first day and she knew it was true down to her very core.