“Come on, you don’t really believe that do you?” Amy said as she cocked her head to the side and looked at me disbelievingly.

“Of course I do, I mean, take a look at your tits!” Jimmy replied incredulously.

She rolled her eyes and let out a sign, “Look, just because my tits are a little bigger today doesn’t mean I’m infected…”

“A little bigger? A LITTLE BIGGER?” Jimmy almost screamed at her, “And they’re breasts Amy, not tits!”

Amy let out a harumph and gave Jimmy a dismissive wave, “Pft… breasts, tits, juggs, melons, whatever Jimmy!”

Jimmy just shook his head, “Look, there’s one sure way to tell…” he said.

“Oh don’t you dare Jimmy!” she almost screamed as he stood up and reached for his pants zipper.

Amy’s eyes darted towards the door and then back to the sound of Jimmy’s zipper being lowered, then back to the door and then back to his pants dropping to the floor, and then to his dick springing from his underwear, and then… and then… and then her lips were around his cock and she was sucking it.

Amy looked up and made eye contact with Jimmy, pleading with him, without saying a word, that this wasn’t proof. She betrayed herself though when she closed her eyes for just a moment and let out a deep moan as the tip of his shaft hit the back of her throat and a small orgasm washed over her.

She sucked him in even farther and then gurgled as she reached between her legs and started diddling herself. It wasn’t long before her free hand managed to get her tits out of her top and she really got in to the rhythm of sucking his cock.

When he came down her throat, a much larger orgasm came over her and she slipped off his dick and in to a puddle of orgasmic mush on the bed.

Jimmy smiled down at Amy and couldn’t his luck, the blissed out grin across her face confirmed what he had already known, she’d been infected by the bimbo virus and was well on her way to being a complete bimbo slut.

The virus had ragged around the world, but it was mostly under control now, so finding newly infected women was harder to do. Amy had escaped the multiple waves that had come and gone, to Jimmy’s disappointment.

He’d always had a crush on Amy, but had never made it out of the friends zone, though that was now obviously a thing of the past.

His only problem now was keeping her inside for the two weeks until she recovered and was bonded permanently to him. Though he’d been dreaming of this for years so he was pretty sure he’d be able to handle her.