‘hmmmm…. there is just something wrong…’ Jessi thought to herself as she stood in front of the mirror.

She pulled her hair back in to a pony tail and turned her head to the side and then the other before letting it go, ‘Nope, not that.’

She turned around and check her butt, her lower cheeks showing perfectly just below the hem of the dress, ‘Not that either…’

She turned back around and once ore put her hand to her lower lip trying to figure it out. Her eyes drifted down her body to her long legs and a smile crossed her lips.

“Ah ha!” she exclaimed as she pushed herself up on to her tippy toes and then did a little pirouette before coming to rest on the soles of her feet once more.

A quick trip to her closet found the perfect pair of heels, they were six inches tall and matched the colour of her dress perfectly. And just in time as she heard the knock at her front door just as she finished clasping the last strap across them.

She quickly made her way to her front door and opened it wide, beaming at the man standing there, “Hiya! Come on in!” she said enthusiastically as he took her up on her offer and cross in to her apartment.

She closed the door behind him and then grabbed his hand and nearly dragged him in to the living room, wiggling her ass as she did so he got a good look at it with each step she took.

She guided him in front of the couch and then pushed him back on to it, jumping on to his lap at almost the same time as he came to rest on the cushions. She put her hands on his chest and then leaned in, kissing him on the lips, her tongue probing his mouth and his doing the same until she broke the kiss.

“God babe, I’m so horny for you!” she said in a sultry voice as she wiggled her hips around in a circle as she sat on his lap.

He reached out and grabbed her ass, guiding her as she continued the motion, “Oh god baby, yeah. I can feel your big hard cock… right… there…” she said as she pushed herself down on his lap for emphasis.

A gentle push from him sent her down on to her knees and she quickly undid his pants and pulled them off, along with his underwear. Her lips quickly wrapped around his hard shaft and she bounded up and down, taking every inch of him in to her.

After a few minutes he pushed her all the way down and held her there while he managed to awkwardly stand up. Then, taking complete control, he stroked in and out of her mouth as she knelt in the middle of her living room.

Finally, satisfied with whatever pleasure he had taken from her mouth, he pulled out and slapped her face with his shaft several times before the first stream of cum sprayed across her face and glasses.

“OH GOD BABY! YES!!! SPRAY MY FACE WITH YOUR CUM!” she cried out as her orgasm crested with each new stream of cum that hit her face.

3 years ago…

Jessica looked over the paperwork and frowned, “I don’t understand why we need a pre-nup David.” she said in a condescending tone.

“Well, I don’t really think we do either, but my business partners and insisting…” he replied, a defeated look on his face.

She let out a sigh and skimmed through the paperwork once more, it seemed standard enough, except for one thing.

“And what’s this ‘The Perfect Divorce’ arbitration clause? What kind of name is that for a business?” she scowled at him.

“It’s just an arbitration company that specializes in divorces, I think the name is kind of catchy actually.”

She huffed in response and shuffled the papers a few more times, “Well, I’ll have my lawyer look it over, but I guess it looks alright.”

David smiled and nodded, a sparkle in his eyes. Then as Jessica took her glasses from her nose and folded them before putting them away, the sparkle left, leaving behind a smile that if she’d paid more attention too, would have seemed forced.