Jill sighed and closed her eyes for a moment after setting the tray down and leaning on the table. She opened them and turned her head towards her “boss” and raised a leg up off the ground, had it really come to this?

“Of course Sir, anything you want Sir.” she replied to him as he sat beside Tom, who she knew far better than her current boss.

She put her leg down, stood up and turned to the door, making her way back to the kitchen to get some ice. It was humiliating!

Six months ago she would have bought and sold the likes of her new boss ten times before breakfast, but now all she could do was mince around in this ridiculously maids outfit and say yes to anything he requested!

She retrieved the ice and headed back to the dinning room where the liqueur was waiting for her.

On her way back she remembered her old life as an investment banker… well, more corporate raider than investor, buying old companies and breaking them up and extracting every cent of value she could from them.

Her fall from power had been swift, with explicit pictures of her appearing in the gossip rags, which she still didn’t know how they had gotten hold of. It didn’t matter though, the vultures circled and soon she was black listed at every investment house in the country. Then the lawsuits came, taking every last cent of her savings to try and fend off, forcing her in to personal bankruptcy.

Then… then this “opportunity” had appeared out of nowhere. It paid her enough to live on, kept her out of the public eye, and yet she still wasn’t sure why she’d said yes to it.

She arrived back at the table and set the ice down and placed one cube in each glass with the ice tongs before pouring in the liquor. Then she picked up the try and walked over to the two men and offered each on of them the glasses.

It was hard not to scream at Tom though, he’d been her number two back before her troubles started, and she could see he was enjoying watching her wait hand and foot on him.

Tom picked up his glass and then she walked back to the table and set the tray down once more. She then turned to face them and waited while they talked.

After a few minutes Tom turned to her and spoke, “Excuse me, can I get another cube?” he asked and she fought the need to roll her eyes. Instead she picked up the ice tongs and retrieved a cube before walking over and placing it in his outstretched glass.

She smiled as best she could, “Is there anything else I can do for you Sir?”

“Actually… there is one thing.” he replied as he held up his phone with the display facing her, a swirling pattern of lights danced across the screen and her eyes went wide and she let out a gasp.

Then, her eyes fluttered and closed as her chin fell down to her chest and the ice tongs slipped from her limp fingers.

“Fuck, I still can’t believe that works.” George said, shaking his head.

“Yeah, well, as good as Jill was, she never really paid much attention to what she was buying or selling. I pay more attention to those details.”

George just grunted a reply.

Tom turned his attention to Jill, “Jill, how are things going?”

“They’re going well Sir…” she replied in a soft voice, almost a whisper.

“That’s good, and are you still fighting it?”

“N… n… no Sir. I know I’m just a maid now. A powerless, obedient maid.”

“Good. And how are you liking being a maid?”

Her brow furrowed a bit, “Its… its frustrating.”

“Oh, why?”

“Because… because he tells me what to do, how to act, what to say… but… but he doesn’t… doesn’t fuck me.”

“And is that important Jill?”

“Yes… yes Sir.”

“Why is that important Jill? Why is it important that he fucks you?”

“Because… because… I need to fuck every man’s cock that I work for.”

“That’s good Jill. I’m sure he’ll be fucking you very soon, trust me on that one.”

“Thank you Sir… thank you!”

Tom turned to George and smiled, “Well, it looks like she’s finally ready. I’d suggest you start out slow though, maybe some foreplay and a blowjob to start… you know.”

George nodded, “I think I can hold out for a little while more. I mean, it will be hard to with what that bitch did to my company and all, but I’m sure it will be worth it in the long run.”

“I’m sure it will be. I’ve started to add in a few of the more… extreme, requests you made in this weeks programming. Should only be a few more sessions before she’s eagerly doing everything you wanted.”

George nodded and then Tom tapped his phone a few times before holding it up in front of Jill again.

“Ok Jill, open your eyes and let it all flow in to your mind.”

Jill complied and let out another gasp as more colours swirled around in her mind and told her things she had never thought of before.