Denise stepped out of the water and started to walk towards her towel, only to see a man sitting beside them. A frown crossed her face and she knew she was about to have to disappoint another would be suitor.

She had to feel bad for them a little bit, it wasn’t their fault really, she just wasn’t interested dating, let alone dating men. She spent most of her free time at they gym, and the rest was either at work or home taking care of her nutritional needs. It took a lot of work to keep herself in top shape, and she wasn’t going to waste her time with a boyfriend.

She arrived at her towel and gave a little half smile, “Hello.”

“H.. Hi!” the man said, in a squeaky voice. If she was honest, he was at least pretty good looking, if perhaps a couple of years older than her.

“I’m Jim.” he managed to get out as he stood up and extended his hand to her.

“I’m not interested, thanks.” she replied and shook his hand with a full overblown smile.

He looked confused for a moment and then blushed, “Oh, of course… I’m sorry… I just… well, you look so amazing! I just had to say hi.”

“Thank you Jim, that’s very kind of you. Now if you don’t mind, I think I’m going to pack up and head home.”

“Yeah, of course. Again, sorry to disturb you, maybe I’ll see you here again sometime?”

“Maybe… but don’t come over, I’ll approach you if I’m interested.”

“That would be fine, just fine. Ok, have a great rest of your day… bye.” Jim said an quickly made his retreat.

It was kind of flattering, at least it would be if it didn’t happen so often, this was the third time today just since she’d gotten to the beach. She leaned over and picked up her towel and bag, then pulled her phone out of the bag before stuffing the towel inside.

A quick swipe unlocked her phone and she saw a message from Brian, “Call me.”

She tapped his name and dialed his number, “Hello?” he said when he picked up the line.

“Hi Brian, it’s Denise.” she replied and then a strange tone came across her phone and her eyes fluttered as she let out a gasp.

“Slave Denise is ready Master.” he voice said as she stood motionless and expressionless.


“Your slave has just finished a swim at the beach. Your slave is on her way back to her apartment.”

“Good. I have three clients for you tonight. The first one is a new client, so make sure he’s very satisfied with your service. The other two are regulars.”

“Yes Master.”

“Oh, and the third client has paid for an upgrade package, so no holes bared, got it?”

“Yes Master.”


Then another tone sounded and she blinked several times before hanging up the phone. She then watched as a series of messages came in, each on containing a name, time and address.

She smiled and made a mental node to find a way to show her appreciation to Brian the next time she saw him. He was too good to her, making sure she still had her needs taken care of as she wasn’t dating with no strings attached, and only taking 80% of the fee the men paid to spend time with her.

He really was the best fitness manager around, all the girls at the gym said so and she couldn’t argue with them in the slightest.