Nina held her arms under her tits and sat in the corner, her mind empty and blank like it always was. Well, except when his cock was filling it of course, but besides those amazing times when she got to suck on his dick, it was as empty and vacant.

It hadn’t always been that way, her mind had once been filled with thoughts, wants and desires. That was before she’d met him, before he’d drained her mind of all those things and stuffed them in to the giant implants that now stuck out from her chest.

If she’d been able to think about it, she probably would have thought that they still swirled around inside of her tits, just waiting to get out and slip back in to her head, but of course her head was as empty as every.

Perhaps one day he’d place some other thoughts in to her head, she’d seen him do it with some of the other girls, but then they’d leave and she’d never see them again.

“Stand up Nina.” his voice said and she opened her eyes, smiled broadly and stood up to face him. There was a second man standing beside him and she smiled at him as well.

“Is this the one you were talking about?” he asked of the other man.

“Yeah, definitely. God, look at those tits!” the other man said.

“I did go a little overboard on them didn’t I?” he replied with a chuckle.

“Fuck no! They’re perfect.”

“Glad you like them. So were you looking for a short term rental or something more… permanent.”

“Oh for what I have in mind I need her long term for sure.”

“Hmmm… well, normally I’m hesitant to do anything long term, but you’re in luck as I just don’t have room to keep her around really. I’ve got a few new girls coming in this week and really could stand to move her along.”

“That seems like a good problem to have honestly.”

“Yeah, I guess it is.” he replied with another chuckle.

“Ok, you know my price, nothing up front… but I will come for a favour at some point.”

“Yeah, that’s fair.” the other man said, extending his hand and they shook.

“Nina, this is your new owner Ken.”

Nina’s whole body shivered as she felt new thoughts form in her mind and then she blinked, “Hello Master, how may I serve you?”

Ken smiled a wicked grin, “In oh so many ways… but for now, follow me.”

Nina eagerly followed as her new owner walked from the room and out to a waiting car where she knew her new owner would fill her head with all kinds of new things, but mostly she hoped he’d fill it with his cock soon.