Simply getting a divorce from Jordan would have been the right choice, obviously now, but at the time Stephanie had been so angry that it hadn’t even entered her mind.

Instead all she’d seen was red each time she’d looked at Tiffany, her husbands younger assistant, and thought “I’ll break this little girl beneath my boot heel!”

Now, as she knelt on the floor, her hands on her knees, the collar around her neck, and her eyes fixated on the pendant that nestled between Tiffany’s breasts, all she couldn’t fix her mistake.

She felt a slight tug on her collar and she shuffled forward a little. Another tug, another scuffle forward. Until she was kneeling between Tiffany’s legs.

“That’s better…” Tiffany said, “Now, what do you say?”

Stephanie scrunched her forehead, her eye still fixed on the pendant, until her lips finally parted, “Puh… puh… please Mistress… may your slave lick your sweet pussy please?”

“You may.” Tiffany replied and it was hard for Stephanie to take her eyes from the pendant, but she managed to as she leaned forward and started to lick at Stephanie’s panties.

“God, you’re finally getting better at that.” Tiffany said as she laid a hand on the top of Stephanie’s head and pushed her in to her crotch even more.

Stephanie continued to lick for several minutes until Tiffany spoke again, “Oh, darling, you’re home from work? Perfect timing…”

A chill ran down Stephanie’s spine right to her pussy, her husband was home and her pussy quivered in need.

Tiffany released her head and pushed her back from her licking and Stephanie instantly looked up to the pendant once more.

“Go ahead, great your husband.”

Stephanie desperately wanted to keep looking at the pendant, but the direct command made it impossible, so she turned to her husband and bowed her head, “Hello Husband, welcome home. How may I serve you and Mistress Tiffany tonight?”

Jordan smiled down at her and chuckled a little, “Why don’t you continue doing what you were while I go get changed. Then we can figure out how best you can be of use to the two of us.”

“Of course Sir.” Stephanie said and turned back to Tiffany, catching sight of the pendant for just a moment before her face was pushed up against Tiffany’s panties once more.

She heard Jordan’s footsteps head towards the door once more, then stop and turn back to the two women, “Oh, by the way Tiffany…” her husband said as she walked back to them and she heard him rustle around in his pocket.

“Here, this is the address and phone number for the plastic surgeon. Stephanie has an appointment at 2pm tomorrow.” he said.

Stephanie was pretty sure he leaned over and groped Tiffany’s breasts, but was positive that they kissed passionately for several seconds before he stood up once more and left the room for real.

Tiffany let out a sigh and then reached down and petted Stephanie’s head, “You know Stephanie, I can’t wait to see what Jordan has told the plastic surgeon to do to you. I mean if you were going to go up against me in the first place you should have been going to one yourself. But now that you’re really going to be the trophy wife, well, you’re going to have to fit the part. I’m sure this will be just the first of many visits over the next few years.”

Tiffany then tugged on the leash and pulled Stephanie up until her eyes were right in front of the pendant. She let out a gasp as her eyes widened as a thrill ran through her.

“Now then, repeat after me. I love Mistress Tiffany. I belong to Mistress Tiffany. Mistress Tiffany’s happiness is all that is important to me. Mistress Tiffany is always right. Mistress Tiffany knows what is best for me and always has my best interests at heart.”

Stephanie repeated the words over and over again as she slowly moved closer and closer to the pendant until her chin was resting on Tiffany’s breasts and an orgasm washed over her.