“Oh god… what now?” Tammi said as she pulled her long blonde hair up so she could get a good look at it.

Kicking her legs forward, she popped upright on to the bed which sent her tits bouncing all over the place. Checking herself over quickly she let out a sigh and stood up, looking around the room.

She didn’t recognize any of it. Not her hair, not her body, not the room she was in, none of it.

“Fucking genies!” she swore under her breath and shook her head.

What did she expect though really? Everyone knew that genies always twisted your wishes in some way, so really, this was to be expected.

She headed for the bathroom and took stock of herself in the mirror. She was a knockout, that was for sure. A perfect face, full lips, large round tits, a tight waist, and flared hips that lead down to legs that seemed to go on forever.

Another sigh escaped her lips and she made her way back out to the bedroom, she opened the closet door and was greeted by a large walkin. Rows of shoes on one side, rows of skimpy outfits on the other. The rest of the condo seemed much the same, modernly stylish with expensive taste.

Heading back to the bedroom she noticed her phone on the nightstand and picked it up, a quick swipe with her finger unlocked it. Scrolling through the messages, she found dozens and dozens of chats with men, filled with sexual innuendo and pictures of herself in various states of undress.

“Bastard! I said not a whore!” she screamed.

“Do you see any sex mentioned or shown in those messages?” the calm, deep voice of the genie replied and she twirled around to see him floating behind her.

“I don’t care, my wish was…” she started to shout at him, but he simply held up his hand and her lips clamped closed.

“Your wish was, and I quote ‘I wish to be beautiful and wealthy, but not some hooker! You got it?’, to which I replied yes and granted it to you. You are beautiful, wealthy and definitely not a hooker. In fact you haven’t had sex in three years, every since you started your social media.”

“I… I haven’t?” Tammi replied as she scanned back through her memories and found it to be true.

“Nope. It’s part of your image. You flirt and show off your body, for a price of course, but you never meet anyone in person. Only online.”

She frowned and continued to scan her new memories. He was right, she made a lot of money talking to men online, and a few women. Her weekly chat’s brought in thousands in “donations” and her private one on one sessions were legendary, not only for their content but their sky high price of $1k per hour. He she had several sessions a week book, often for multiple hours.

But the other thing that stood out in her mind was the frustration, the frustration of not having sex. Oh she masturbated, quite often in the private chats, but it wasn’t the same. She could still remember the last time this new her had sex and she often masturbated to the memory of it when she was alone.

“Now then, as for your third wish?” the genie asked.

She stared daggers at him. Her first wish had been to be young again, and he’d “delivered” on it by taking her from her original age of 63 to 23. Unfortunately he’d also taken her middle of the road looks and twisted them until she was the ugliest 23 year old she could ever imagine.

“Fine!” she replied bluntly and then took a moment to think about it.

“I wish I didn’t have this online Barbie thing anymore but had a real, respectable job, that earned me my wealth.”

“As you wish.” the genie replied and the world flashed out and in of existence around her for just a second.

Tammi gasped as the first shot of cum sprayed across her face and the squealed as the dick that it had come from slapped across her face several times. Before she could figure out what was happening she was sucking on the dick and then after a few moments someone yelled “Cut!”

In a daze she managed to get herself up on to her feet and someone guided her off the set to a bathroom where she managed to catch her breath.

“What the fuck!” she said as she stared at her reflection in the mirror, the cum starting to dry on her face. She grabbed a towel and quickly cleaned up before anything else.

She managed to close her eyes and scan over her new memories. She was a porn star now, and not just some run of the mill cam girl, but a bonified star. So much so that she’d broken in to mainstream media and had several successful TV appearances and a few movies as well.

She smiled, she was young, beautiful and rich. So what if the genie had screwed her over in every other way?

She’d quit the porn business and focus on her acting. Or maybe she’d just quit both and retire, she had all the money she could want at this point.

Then, as she scanned closer and closer to the present, things took a turn for the worse. Her mainstream acting roles had dried up after her affair with a married director and she’d only been doing porn for the last six month. Then the worst news of all hit her, she’d just signed a five year contract, with an option for five more, with the largest porn company on the west coast.

A knock at the door interrupted her train of thought, “You’re needed on set.”

“Ok, just a minute.” she replied and quickly re-applied her makeup and grabbed the costume she knew from her new memories that she needed next.

A minute later she was on set, sitting on a couch with her male co-star.

“Alright, places everyone.” the director called and then a PA stepped in front of the camera with a board, “Tammi’s first anal pounding!” he shouted and the clapped the board shut.

Tammi’s eyes widened as she realized the genie had fucked her over far worse than she had thought.