“Welcome home Master.” Rachel said as she gently stroked the heads of the two blondes kneeling at her feet.

I smiled at Rachel, “Well hello Rachel, it’s been a while…”

“Yes Master, it has.” she replied.

I’d added Rachel to my toy collection almost a decade ago and she’d been fun to play with for longer than most. I think it was her natural dominance and how she tried to fight against my own, that made her last longer than most. But, eventually, time catches up to everyone and it was just about two years ago that I’d told her to leave.

I could still see the horror on her face when I said the words, but I wasn’t a total monster, like all my previous toys I told her how she could return.

“And yet I see only two new toys with you.” I said, alluding to the required four new toys for her to return.

“Yes… yes Master, these two are ready to serve. And I have… I have two more almost ready as well.”


“Yes Master, I know I cannot return until they are ready, but… but, I needed to give these two to you now. So that you could see I was still your toy.”

I smiled and chuckled, “Oh Rachel, you I know you are still mine, as you always will be. Nothing can change that. Now, let me see how well these new toys perform.”

“Yes Master. Girls, crawl over to Master and service him.” Rachel said as the two girls looked up at her with adoration.

“Yes Mistress.” they said in unison and crawled over to me. When the arrived they quickly worked my pants and underwear to the floor and both started to orally pleasure me.

I briefly looked in to their minds and was impressed. Rachel had completely broken them over the last two years, they were fully enthralled by her and willing to do anything for her. I only had to make minor tweaks to them as they pleasured me, they still saw Rachel as their mistress, but now say me as the Master of all three of them.

“You have done well Rachel. As a reward, get undressed and start masturbating on the bed. You may only cum when these two have sucked the last drop of cum from my cock.”

The two blondes continued working as Rachel undressed and sat on the edge of my bed, her fingers on one hand working her pussy, her other fingers pulling and twisting her nipple.

I looked at Rachel and smiled, “You’ve kept yourself in good shape Rachel.”

“Yes Master… oooooh… all for you…. moan

“But time is a cruel to all toys and I demand mine be in top condition. Before you return go see a plastic surgeon, have him ‘restore’ your body so you can be new again.”

“Ah… Yes Master!”

I looked down at the two blondes, “And take these two with you, their tits are too small to be properly played with.”

“Yes! Yes! Yes Master!” Rachel cried out as the blonde in white slipped all the way down my shaft as the one in black sucked my balls in to her mouth.

It wasn’t long before they drained my balls and Rachel cried out as her own orgasm crested and she fell back on to the bed.

I smiled down at the two blondes, who were looking adoringly up at me, “You have well, now go tend to your Mistress.”

“Thank you Master! Yes Master!” they replied in unison and then crawled back over to their Mistress and then on to the bed beside her.

I turned and walked in to my bathroom to clean up with a smile on my face. Rachel’s timing was excellent as I had several toys that I had sent away over the last few months. The addition of Rachel and her four toys would replenish my toy box nicely.