Tammy pulled the driver back and hit the ball, sending it towards the hole on the putting green but missing it by a mile.

Inwardly she cursed, but only a little giggle escaped her lips. It really shouldn’t bother her, it wasn’t like the driver was the right club to use, but even so she’d hit thousands of putts of the last year with it she should be able to make it easily.

She pushed the anger down, knowing that it wasn’t her fault. Even if she had a decade to practice with the driver she knew she wasn’t allowed to make a putt. She could have had her favorite putter in her hands, the ball just sitting on the lip of the cup, and she still would have sent it careening off away from the hole.

She wiggled her ass over to where the ball had come to rest and then setup again. She looked down at the ball and then up at the hole and motion from the house caught her eye and so she looked over to it.

Richard had just stepped out of the back door and her pussy quivered as she let out a little gasp and then another giggle.

Richard was why she couldn’t make a putt, or leave the practice green, was dressed like a complete slut and had the body to match as well.

She cursed the day she’d met him, though she hadn’t known anything was different about him at the time, she had regretting taking on the cash game with him every day since.

She’d been struggling to get on the pro tour and as such had to take on cash games, teaching lessons, and other activities to pay her way. At the time, Richard had just been another rich guy that wanted to show how much better men were at golf that “girls”, as he put it.

She’d beaten him easily, even with the handicap she’d given him. He’d grumbled under his breath about her cheating, but in the end he’d paid up and she’d moved on.

It had been a few weeks later when he’d contacted her about another match, or more accurately a series of matches… on his private island.

That had raised her eyebrows to say the least. Sure lots of rich guys had private islands, but not many of them had golf courses on them. That was whole other level of rich that you didn’t see very often.

After doing a little bit of research, to confirm he was on the up and up, she’d agreed and they’d set a date to start the matches. He’d sent his private plane to pick her up, and when she’d arrived they’d played their first match.

The second one didn’t take place until the day she left the island, as when she had gone to sleep after that first day, she’d woken up the next morning in a pure white room, strapped down in a chair.

She spend days, maybe weeks, in that room. The drugs draining into her making her dizzy and confused. The monitor in front of her displaying all kinds of images, the speakers behind her telling her all kinds of things.

By the time she left the island she was a whole new woman, which was exemplified by the round of golf that they’d played that last day. She choose the wrong clubs to use for shots, she hit balls directly out of bounds, she missed putts that were gimmes, she stripped out of another piece of clothing after each hole, she was sucking and fucking the other three players in the group… and even the caddies that were with them.

The round took nearly all day, and when it was over she was plastered with cum, and a giant smile across her face.

She flew home that evening and immediately started undoing her life, not that it took all that much work. A month later and she had already moved into the house that Richard had bought for her, putting green included.

Tammy walked over to the edge of the putting green as Richard approached and turned away from him, placing the shaft of the driver behind her back, just under her ass in the perfect position to jiggle it.

She could still clearly remember the painful recovery when she’d had her ass done, the implants were needed because no matter how much work she did in the gym to build up her ass, she just couldn’t get it the way Richard like.

Her ass was “perfect” as Richard said, but her tits were another matter. They were still a work in progress and she new Richard wanted them even larger. The surgeon had told her she needed to wait six months for her next operation on them, which was only 2 months away so she’d already scheduled an appointment with him.

She pulled up on the driver just as Richard arrived and then let it drop, repeating the process several times until Richard reached out and grabbed hold of both of her cheeks.

She moaned and pushed her ass backwards just in time for Richard to raise his hand and give her ass a good firm slap. She let out a gasp and a giggle as he repeated the process on the other ass cheek and then on both.

She tossed her hair over her shoulder as she turned at the waist to look at him, “Hey baby! Like, wanna play?” she asked as she let the driver fall to one side and then moved it around in front of her. She extended her arms and took hold of the club’s grip and bent over at the waist, using the club to support herself as she did.

“Oh Tammy, you know I’m aways up for a round with you.” he replied with a chuckle.

She let out a squeal and stood upright again, turning around and giving her tits a shake.

“But… I’m just waiting for the rest of my foursome to arrive, so you’re going to have to wait a bit.”

Tammy pouted and let her shoulders slump, “But… but… like…”

“Shhhhh… no buts about it…” Richard said, reaching out and placing his index finger on her lips.

She didn’t hesitate even in the slightest and wrapped her lips around it, suckling on it as she closed her eyes and moaned.

Richard let out a laugh and let her continue for a minute before popping his finger out from between her lips and stepping away from the putting green and turning towards the house.

As he walked away she knelt down and picked up two golf balls in one hand and held the driver in her other. She “massaged” the balls in her one hand and started to falito the shaft of the driver she held in her other.

Richard’s presence always did this to her, sent her into overdrive, removing the last remaining bits of dignity she could usually muster, and made her quivering sex addict.

Simulating sucking his dick and playing with his balls was all she could do until he fucked her properly, and she knew that when his foursome did arrive, they’d enjoy watching her perform for them.

The other thing she knew, was that whenever Richard brought a foursome over that she was going to be fucked well and good in everyone of her holes.

As Richard walked back into the house, she managed to settle down just enough to get to the point she’d been waiting for. Horny as all hell because of Richard’s presence, but Richard far enough away she had some little bit of control over her actions.

She would finally be able to release a little bit of frustration with her situation. She double checked to make sure Richard was out of sight and then opened her mouth wide, forming her puffy lips in to a perfect circle and raised one of the golf balls up to them. She wrapped her lips around the ball and held it in place.

Then, with a slight tap of the driver it “popped” in to her mouth. A shiver of pleasure ran through her and a small orgasm crested. She repeated the act several more times, each time with the same result.

When she heard a call pull up in front of the house she quickly removed the ball from her mouth and quickly stuffed the driver shaft between her tits so she could continue licking it while picking up another set of balls to play with in her other hand.

God, it felt so good to be able to finally putt the ball in the fucking hole! Even if the hole was the one on her face and she knew that very soon she’d have a completely different set of balls in it.

It was the only way she could rebel at all against what Richard had done to her, and she took the opportunity each and every time she could.