A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday January 08, 2022

“Is that her second or third treatment?” the man asked as Tiena sat in the comfortable chair. The woman’s hand that was just under her chin turned her face towards the man and Tiena placidly let her.

“This is her third Sir.” the woman replied.

Something in the back of Tiena’s mind was trying to tell her that something was wrong here, that she should be concerned about the man and woman talking about her like she wasn’t even there, but it just couldn’t overcome the complete and total feeling of calmness that filled her mind.

Instead she just let the woman turn her head further to the right until the man had a good profile look at her, then placidly let the woman turn her head back until she was facing the man again.

“How has she taken to the programming?” the man asked.

“Very well Sir. Let me show you.” the woman said as she finally removed her hand from Tiena’s chin and then leaned in and whispered in to her ear, “Tell him what you are.”

Tiena nodded slightly before parting her lips, “Tiena asian slut. Tiena fuck toy for men. Tiena dirty little whore.”

The words were ridiculous of course, Tiena had graduated at the top of her class from law school and had joined one of the most prestigious law firms in the city just three months ago. Let alone the fact that she was a fourth generation asian-american and most certainly didn’t talk in the clipped, broken English that had just emerged from her mouth.

But the tingle in her pussy as she said the words pushed aside the calmness in her mind and filled it instead with giddy excitement. It was amplified ten fold when the man smiled and nodded in approval.

“Good, when are you dealing with the hair?” he asked.

“Before she leaves this session Sir.”

“Alright, the client is getting eager for her to take on her new roll at the firm. One of the associates knocked up the old office fuck toy and the tension in the office can almost be cut with a knife.” he said and then turned to walk away, Tiena’s stomach dropping at the disappointment of the man leaving her.

It only lasted a moment though as the woman placed her hand under Tiena’s chin once more and the calmness returned. She titled Tiena’s head back slightly before bringing the syringe to her lower lip and started injecting the filler to balance out her lower lip to match her upper lip that had been filled just before the man arrived.

When she finished she set the syringe down on the tray and removed her gloves before picking up the set of headphones and placing them on Tiena’s ears. The familiar hiss of white noise filled her head and her eyes went wide and her knewly plumped lips parted slight as her eyes rolled back in to her head and a small orgasm crested over her.

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