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Lori felt the warm sun hit her body and she closed her eyes and soaked it up. After a few moments she opened her eyes and looked over at her husband and a shiver of pleasure ran through her body and settled in her pussy.

She wiggled her hips and jiggled her tits as she walked over towards him sitting on the beach under the umbrella that provided shade for him.

Just thinking about the last year made her nipples hard and her pussy wet. He was the absolute best, last year for their anniversary he’d given her trip to a top notch spa and when she’d come back she’d been a completely new person.

She’d realized all the mistakes she’d made in her life and she’d re-devoted herself to correcting each and every one of them.

First was dumping the Neanderthal of a side piece she had been banging, the only man that would be fucking her would be her husband. Well, at least without her husbands permission of course.

Then there was her new exercise routine, the trips to the salon, the visits to the plastic surgeon, and all the porn she had masturbated to.

It was all to make sure that she matched her husbands expectations to a T. And it had worked, so well in fact that he regularly fucked her like a plastic blow up doll and she orgasmed so hard every time he did.

Now, a year later, for their anniversary he’d booked a trip to this tropical paradise and she’d been traipsing around the beach in tiny bikini’s the entire trip.

Well, that wasn’t quite true she thought as she looked around and saw no one else on the beach and so reached behind her back and undid her top and then pulled it over her head and dropped it on the sand. Her bottoms follow moments later and then she grasped her hands behind her back and pushed her tits out as far as she could.

“Hi babe!” she said and bounced up and down a bit sending her tits jiggling once more.

He looked up at her and smiled, “Hey Lori… nice tan lines.”

Lori looked down at her tits and pussy, the lines of where her bikini had been were still clearly visible.

“Aren’t they great? They make me look like such a slut! Speaking of which…” she said and then knelt down and crawled over to her husband, then between his legs. A quick tug on his swim trunks revealed his cock and she wrapped her lips around it, sliding it all the way in to her mouth and throat until her nose touched his pubs.

I watched Lori bobbing up and down between my legs and leaned my head back and took in the warmth of the beach.

Last years anniversary present had been great, but the two weeks stuck in the cold, snowy weather and taken its toll on his mental health.

Fortunately, this year, he’d book somewhere more amenable to his tastes. Which, now that he thought about it, is exactly what he’d done last year with Lori.