Linda held the pose, unable to move any part of her body, but she could look around with her eyes and so she did as the man entered her bedroom.

She didn’t know who he was, just like all the other men that came to her bedroom, but she knew he’d be fucking her and that was some consolation, if not the kind she really wanted.

It was a consolation only because she knew that she’d be having yet another amazing orgasm, that would, for the little while it lasted, take away the humiliation and disgust with her situation. She’d been a mid-level manager in her past life, working for a tech company with a dozen staff under her. Now, she was the only one under anything in her life.

The company she’d worked for had been sold off to some global conglomerate and she’d found herself reassigned, and sent for re-training. The re-training had been at some fancy corporate retreat, when she’d returned, she couldn’t remember anything about her time there.

She had taken the training to heart though apparently, as she was soon following the companies many new policies to the letter and engaging with staff in a completely new way… on her knees… or back… or on all fours with her ass up in the air.

And then the new “Work from Home” policy had been implemented and she’d signed up for it immediately. Since then, she’d been a model employee, only taking time off to recover from the multiple surgeries that the company had paid for.

The man that had just entered her room walked up in front of her, dropped his pants and placed a hand on her head, guiding her right to his cock. She wrapped her lips around it and let him push deep in to her throat.

He fucked her face for longer than most, but eventually he walked around to the other side of her bed, grabbed her ankles and pulled her ass right up to the edge of the bed. He gave her ass several hard smacks, then slapped his dick on it several times, before finally pushing in to her dripping wet pussy.

Her whole body shivered in pleasure as he pounded her, until he finally pulled out and sent streams of cum all over her ass.

She came hard, her whole body quivering as a series of orgasms came over her.

Her mind, awash in the pleasure from them, could only think of one thing, the most recent policy the company had sent her, “All company sluts will orgasm when staff is finished with them, no matter where the staff finishes.”

She could only imagine the situation that required the new policy, perhaps one of the other company sluts had been not orgasming with a facial or something. It hadn’t been a problem for her though, even before the re-training she’d gone above and beyond, she saw no reason not to afterwards.

She always orgasmed like a good company slut, no matter if they finished on her face, tits, feet, ass or anywhere else.

The man gave her ass another slap and she wiggled her ass before getting back up on to all fours and re-taking her position. The only difference was the cum that ran off her ass, between her cheeks and across her pussy before dripping on to the bed.