Bambi held up her phone and then looked at the picture, then over at the man that had just entered the bar, then back at her phone, then the man… then a smile crossed her lips and she giggled a little.

She stuffed her phone in to her purse and then wiggled her way over to the man, placed her hands behind her back and wiggled her tits from side to side.

“Like, hi! I’m Bambi! giggle

The man smiled back at her and watched her tits sway from side to side, “Of course you are. I’m John.”

She giggled and wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she leaned forward and kissed full on the lips.

“Mmmm… a pleasure to met you John, like, Gary sent me.” she said as she pulled away from him just a bit and released him from her embrance.

“I figured as much.” he replied with a wry smile, “I like you tits Bambi.”

“Like, that’s so great, cause they like you too! giggle” she replied, raising her hands up to her tits and using a single finger to rub her obviously erect nipples through her top.

He snaked his arm around her waist and she snuggled up against his body as he led her towards the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. She accepted what he ordered as she flirted with him in public, making it clear to everyone that saw them that she’d be sleeping with him later that night.

A few hours later they were in a hotel room, her lips wrapped around his cock, her arm outstretched as she recorded the moment on her phone.

He spent the rest of the evening fucking her tits, pussy and ass and she made sure to record as much of it as she could.

Barbra woke up, her body stiff and a familiar taste in her mouth. She turned over to find herself in an unfamiliar hotel and she let out a sigh before swinging her legs over the side of the bed and heading to the bathroom to freshen up.

A nice hot shower took the edge off and once she had dried herself off, and she got dressed once more. Well, dressed might have been an overstatement, her outfit showed almost as much skin as it covered.

Having put it off as long as she could, she reached for her purse and pulled out her phone. Unlocking it she checked her album and shivered at what she saw. Picture and videos of her in all kinds of different positions, fucking and sucking some nameless man.

At least he was nameless until she saw one of the final photos she had taken… it was John, one of the most notorious underworld figures in the city.

She pulled down her notifications and her shoulders slumped. It was almost a relief to see e-mail notifications from the tabloid paper, confirming her submission of several photos and videos from last night.

She’d been able to hide most of the changes from her co-workers at the DA’s office, but this would put an end to that charade. A video of her sucking and fucking a well known underworld figure… that she’d even prosecuted in the past, being posted in a tabloid would put an end to her career in an instant.

She knew the blackouts had been getting longer and longer over the last few months, something that they had told her would happen. Eventually they would last so long that she would effectively be gone, not resurfacing for months at a time. Until then, she still had to deal with the fallout of what Bambi did as she was still in control most of the time.

Barbra picked up her purse and left the hotel room, heading back to her condo to pick up what she needed before leaving the city for good. If she was lucky she would get to the airport and get on a plane for Vegas before anyone saw the newspaper.

She only hoped that she could setup a new life, that would have some semblance of stability, there before Bambi took over full time and she disappear in a sea of strippers and parties.