Jessi closed her eyes as the warm breeze flowed over her and she ran her hand down her long blonde hair. The scent of summer time filled her nostrils and she let out a contented little moan.

It was so much better being an empty head bimbo sex toy than a doctor, or a lawyer, or a scientist, or whatever she had been. She couldn’t really remember the details any more, though she knew she’d spent years in university learning… something.

She opened her eyes and looked around, noticing several men staring at her puffed out chest, and a few more her similarly prominent ass. She let out a slight giggle as her nipples hardened and her pussy moistened at the attention.

A quick scan of the area later, she found who she was looking for and sashayed her ass over to him, looping her arm through his and pushing her body up against his as she leaned in a whispered in to his ear.

“Baby… I’m horny…” she said and the suckled on his earlobe.

He gave a slight chuckle before he replied, “Of course you are, you’re always horny…”

She pulled her lips from his earlobe and stomped her foot before pouting, “Well, like, yeah… but I’m really horny this time baby!”

This time he didn’t reply but instead just wrapped his arm around her waist and grabbed her ass, giving it a good squeeze. Her whole body shivered in pleasure.

“God baby, squeeze my ass hard!” she said as her eyes darted around the immediate area before she saw what she was looking for and continued, “I want you to bend me over that bench and fuck my ass for everyone to see! Come on baby, I want to squeal at the top of my lungs as you plunge deep in to my ass!”

This time his chuckle was more pronounced and instead of just squeezing her ass he gave it a hard slap, causing several heads to turn in their direction and her knees to almost give out from beneath her.

To her disappointment he didn’t move towards the bench but instead away from it, taking her another store in the mall. Which was alright as well, he’d probably be buying her something skimpy and revealing that would show off her body even more. Which, of course, made the wetness between her legs even more unbearable.

She was surprised when they instead walked in to a bookstore and he guided her towards the science and technology section, he stopped at the large display at the front of the section that was dedicated to a single book. As he picked up one of the books she managed to read the title, “Mastering Reality: Altering the fabric of reality with quantum fields explored.”

Jessi didn’t understand most of the words on the cover, but the name across the bottom caused her to let out a giggle, “Jessica Hoinde-House”.

“Oh my gawd baby, like, that’s my name! giggle

He smiled at her and turned the book in his hands over and showed her the back cover. On it was a portrait of a stuff, dull woman that clearly hadn’t had sex in years and Jessi wrinkled her nose.

“Ewe! Like, that old bat looks like she has a stick up her butt! giggle

“Oh, I don’t know about that, that’s not the face when I have my cock in your ass is it?”

giggle Like, of course not! giggle I love your cock in my ass!”

He smiled and reached out, drawing her in close to him for a passionate kiss before breaking it off and taking several more books up to the counter to pay for.

I wasn’t long before they were back home and his cock was buried deep in her ass once more and she cried out in absolute joy, the book laying open to the cover page beside her long forgot as the pen had long since hit the floor.

On the page was a neatly written inscription, with a set of bright pink lips just below it, “Like, to my favorite lab assistant, may your cock fill my ass every day! Jessi Ho in de House”, the ‘i’ in both places replaced with a little penis and balls, the dot above it a drop of cum shooting out of it.