Daisy felt the warm sun beat down on her as she tried to shade herself from it just a little bit with her hand. It didn’t work, it never did.

The only thing that would get her out of the bright sunlight would be if a John drove by and took her into the motel.

It was a cursed motel, she’d found that out the hard way. She’d come out to the west coast from the mid-west to see the beach, and palm trees. From her perch on the sidewalk she could see both, but it wasn’t what she had in mind when she’d left home.

She’d hitchhiked almost 2000 miles to get her, and found the small motel that rented by the week to stay in. The first night had been a little strange, weird dreams filled her head all night long that she couldn’t quite recall the next morning. She’d spent the next day looking for a job, a waitress position or some such, something to get her started.

She’d stopped looking by the end of the week and instead spent most of the day masturbating in her room.

Eventually, even her favorite toy couldn’t satisfy her and she’d gone looking for something… or more accurately, someone who could. It had turned out to be a random guy she’d met at the grocery store that she’d nearly dragged back to her place and ravaged for hours.

When he’d said it, she hadn’t thought much of it, but now she knew it had been part of the curse, “God, too bad you have such a skinny ass!”

The next day when she had woken up, her ass wasn’t nearly as skinny and it only continued to grow over the next few days as well.

Every time she brought back someone to her motel room it was the same thing; “You’d look great with bigger tits”, “You should get big dick sucking lips”, “Work on getting rid of that gag reflex”, “What do you mean no anal”, “God you’re such a whore”.

Each time it wasn’t long before the curse had “solved” whatever complaint the men had about her.

So here she was, several months later, with the body of a porn star, standing on the street looking for her next trick.

It had been going on for several weeks, and she’d grown used to it, at least a little. Her tan had really improved, she was getting a lot of guys to fuck her, and if she was honest, the money wasn’t too bad either.

No, it wasn’t the sun, or the fact she was whoring herself out in public, or even the curse per se that worried her.

It was what the last man had said to her as he was fucking her, “You’re way too smart to be this much of a stupid whore.”

The words still sent a shiver down her spine, because she could already feel her mind slipping away from her because while she’d always been smart, she knew with absolute certainty that she was a whore now and that the curse would take care of the rest.