“Hello Sir, welcome home!” Ashley said as she stood at the foot of the stairs as I entered the house.

There was a half smile across her lips, latex stretched across her tits, a corset crushing her waist, and a tower pair of heels on her feet. I’m sure that if I went over and unzipped her lower entrance I’d find a sopping wet pussy underneath, but that wasn’t what I was interested in at the moment, surprisingly enough.

“Hello A. How is F coming along?”

The half smile formed into a complete one before she answered, “Oh, very well Sir. Her programming is 93% complete and I managed to cinch her corset down another 3/4 of an inch.”

Ashely too a step forward, turned and then walked down the hall, her ass swaying from side to side as she did. It took her longer to get down the stairs to the basement, she had to steady herself on the heels by pressing her hands against the staircase walls as she made her way down.

It was a pleasant enough sight, so I didn’t mind.

When she arrived at the bottom of the stairs, she made another turn and then opened a door before proceeding inside. As soon as the thick, sound proof door opened, the sounds of moans could be heard coming from inside.

Ashely stepped aside and stood at attention as my gaze fell to the Francine, the blonde laid out on the table, strapped down, a visor over her eyes and ears.

The moans were punctuated by words and phrases; “Harder”, “Deeper”, “Fuck your doll”, “exist to serve”. There were more, I recognized them all of course as I’d programmed them myself into the program that was running.

“And when is she scheduled to see Doctor Thompson?”

“End of the week Sir. I’ve provided Doctor Thompson will photos and measurements already, he’s quite sure she can support at least 600cc, perhaps more.”

“And the other modifications?”

“Yes Sir, no issues with any of them.”

I nodded and then looked back at Francine before smiling again. Ashely had been her best friend and it had been easy to lure her here for a weekend sleep over a few weeks ago. By the time she had left there was enough programming in place that she came back willingly and laid down on the table. The straps were only there to hold her in place for her own safety, should could have removed them herself at any time.

Ashley had been my annoying neighbour until recently, when she’d finally called the cops for the umpteenth time about the “strange” noises that were coming out of my house.

When I’d finally gotten rid of them, I’d made two decisions. The first was to sound proof my basement to avoid any more noise complaints from my neighbours, and the second was that Ashely would no longer be hindrance to my research but become a help to it.

It had been easy enough to get Ashely into my house, after all she was the nosy neighbour and wanted to know what was going on inside. By the time she left, she wasn’t a problem any more.

“And how about T and G?” I asked as I turned to walk out of the room once more, with Ashely following along behind me.

“Picked up earlier today Sir. Payment confirmed before they left.”

That brought an even bigger smile to my face. Tina and Georgina were two other friends of Ashely’s, they hadn’t been nearly as hard to program as Francine was turning out to be. But then again, that wasn’t too much of a surprise. While Francine was an ardent feminist, Tina and Georgina weren’t the sharpest pencils in the box.

Those two had been ready after just a couple of sessions, and really, just in time. My research was expensive and I was running low on funds, the cash infusion from selling them on the black market would handily cover my expenses for quite a while.

I looked at the other two closed doors in the basement and frowned.

“Any of your other friends that I can use A?” I asked.

Ashely crinkled her forehead and the nodded, “Yes Sir. I think that Sandra and Eve would be good candidates.”

“Tell me about them.”

“Yes Sir. Sandra is a tall brunette, very slim, many say she could be a runway model. Eve is a petite asian with the cutest face, though she has a few extra pounds on her frame.”

“Well Sandra sounds fine, but is the weight going to be a problem with Eve? I mean, after she starts going to the gym all the time and works the weight off, is there going to be a lot of excess skin left over?”

“I don’t think so Sir.”

“Good. Why don’t you give them a call and see if they want to drop by your place. Then get them started on their first sessions.”

“Yes Sir, right away Sir.” Ashely replied and the started to walk towards the stairs, I turned and walked back towards the room that had Francine in it. After all, at 93% and with surgery coming up, this would probably be the last time I would fuck her for several weeks at the least.

I let out a chuckle as I closed the door behind me, with enough cash in the bank, perhaps I’d keep Francine for a while… or maybe Eve or Sandra. Or maybe it was time to start thinking about selling off Ashely, after all, how many more hot friends could she have?

I didn’t know the answer for sure, but I knew I would find out soon enough.