Lexi looked over at the man in the car over her sunglasses and then giggled, “Like, hi yourself!”

The man smiled from out of the passengers seat at her and a shiver ran down her spine, “Do you need a hand? Is the bike broken?” he asked.

She giggled some more and batted a hand at him, “Like, nah. It’s totally fine! giggle

“Oh, ok, well see you then.” the man replied and then the car drove off.

The bike was in perfectly working order, it was Lexi that was broken. Or more accurately Lexi’s mind.

Lexi had been, still was she corrected herself, an Olympic cyclist, with the best equipment money could buy. Her body had been toned and tight, her thighs almost thicker than her waist. But that was in the past, now her body was softening more every day, her thighs were shrinking and she couldn’t even see her abs any more.

Not that she was fat or anything, just not tight like she had been. She let out a sigh, that was followed by a giggle, and continued walking down the road. Any normal person would have ridden the bike, but that was just one of the ways Lexi’s mind was broken, she could no longer get on or ride any bike.

She still wasn’t quite sure how it had been done, the breaking of her mind, but she knew it had been Jennifer’s doing. Jennifer had been her main rival on the cycling team, always just a step behind Lexi, but close enough to make it that Lexi had to work as hard as she could to keep top spot.

And then they’d gone on the training camp together, at the insistence of their coach. Just the two of the, at a retreat in the middle of nowhere, for two whole weeks.

Lexi couldn’t remember much of that time, just enough to know two things. The first was that there had been no cycling that went on during that time, the second was that Jennifer was to blame as Lexi could still see flashes of Jennifer’s smiling face looking down at Lexi from above.

She turned a corner and walked along a little ways until she came to the house, turned up the driveway and put the bicycle away in the garage, before heading around back to find coach laying by the pool. She wiggled her way over to him and then knelt down beside him.

“Like, hey Coach! giggle

Coach smiled at her, reached out and pushed some of her long blonde hair over her ear, “Hey Lexi. How was the walk?”

giggle Like, oh my gawd, it was great!”

“That’s good Lexi.” he replied and then she lowered her head a little.

“Like, Coach… can we, like, totally continue my training now?”

He smile broadened and he nodded his head. She let out a squeal and her fingers flew to his swimsuit and pulled it down so she could wrap her lips around his hardening shaft.

Her head bobbed up and down as she worked on her speed, timing, and form. He was nearly ready to cum when she caught sight of Jennifer coming out of the pool. She was dressed in a tiny two piece pink bikini and much like Lexi had changed quite a bit since her cycling days. Though one thing was left over from that time, her tight, hard ass.

She stroked down on to Coach and then titled her head up at just the right angle to be able to stare Jennifer in the eyes. She shot daggers at her and Jennifer turned and fumed as he headed towards the house.

Lexi smiled and giggled, sure Coach said he loved fucking Jennifer’s tight hard ass, but he also said that Lexi was still the better fuck, and she was darned if she was going to let Jennifer beat her in that race.