It had been one of her favorite shirts to go out clubbing with, the lame guys that kept hitting on her would see it and veer off at the last moment. That let her enjoy her evening instead of having to embarrass them in front of their friends, a win-win.

Now though, she hatted it, and the dozens of others like it she owned, all emblazoned withe same phrase, “HAHAHAH, NO”, across them.

Now she wore them ironically, as she could no longer say no, to any man that approached her. Her body was an open invitation to anyone that wanted to use it and all she could do was say yes.

Her memory of the night she had become free to use for anyone was still hazy, she could kinda picture the face of a man and his general features. Details of him remained elusive though and she only had glimpses of what happened after she’d met him.

Flashes of her lips wrapped around his cock, and dozens of other men in the club she had been at. Her naked body dancing, on display for the entire club to see. The cries of her voice as one, two, three dicks entered her simultaneously.

The pleasure though, that was crystal clear in her mind.

Orgasm after orgasm had washed over her that night, and when she woke up the next day in a strangers bed, with two men, all she’d been able to do was smile from the afterglow.

She regretted that moment each and every day as one of the men had woken up to see her smiling and pointed to his morning wood. Unable to resist the suggestion, she’d gone down on him. By the time he was filling her throat with his cum, the other man had woken up and maneuvered around behind her to slip in to her pussy.

It had taken a good hour to satisfy both of them, get cleaned up, and make her way back to her condo. She didn’t leave for several days and when she did she knew deep down what would happen. She tried to ignore it as much as possible, but eventually someone gave her a side wise look, a hungry stare, and she’d felt compelled to satisfy them.

It had taken her three hours for a simple grocery run, and her belly was full of three loads from three different men by the time she returned.

But over time, she’d worked out ways to avoid it. Shopping online, delivery services, etc., but there was still work to do so she could afford it all.

“Hey baby.” she said as she looked down at her laptop, the video chat app open and showing the face of an older man on the other end.

“Hi Crystal, how’s my online slut today?” the man asked.

Crystal wasn’t her real name of course, but it seems appropriate to her when she’d started working as a cam girl. Instead of saying anything in response, she just reached down and pulled her shirt up, showing off her naked tits underneath it.

“Yeah, that’s my girl.” the man said as she let go of her shirt with one hand and reached down to her nipple and started to twist it. She let out a moan as she did so.

It wasn’t long before she was leaning back on the coach, her pants around her ankles, her fingers deep inside of her pussy, as the man continued to tell her what he wanted.

It was a hard niche for her to find, men that wanted to use her, but not be in the same room as her. Men that liked the control, but not the intimacy. Fortunately for her they did exist and now that she had several regulars, she could satisfy them and herself without ever leaving her home.