Her fingers absentmindedly touched the chocker as she watched the car pull up the driveway and park in front of the beach house. She knew it was Jason, but it had been months since the last time he had visited and she had began to think… no… hope that he might have forgotten her.

She’d been at the beach house for over a year now, moved from his condo in the city in which she’d been a fixture for longer than that. She almost, almost, missed the city. At least there he’d taken her out to clubs and parties and events where she was able to interact with other people.

The beach house on the other hand was isolated, and except for the absolute essentials, she never left it.

There had been a time when she dreamed of being a famous movie actress, a star of a big TV series, or something else similar, but now her dreams consisted only of escape. Escaping the man that had completely enslaved her mind with the chocker that still wrapped around her neck.

She could still remember when he’d given it to her, on their fifth date. She’d been so enthralled with the sparkly trinket that she’d put it on right away and dismissed the tingle that shot down her spine as only excitement for the gift.

The date had flown by and the next morning when she’d woken up she’d been surprised to see it still around her neck when she went in to the bathroom. But even more surprised when her fingers refused to remove it.

She’d wanted to panic, and in her own mind she did, but something smoothed out her reaction before it could manifest on her face. Soon she was preparing for the day as if it was any other and her mind had completely forgotten about the panic she should have felt.

The next few weeks had been a whirlwind of activity, as she moved in to Jason’s condo, cut contact with friends and family, and fucked Jason whenever and however he wanted her too.

She had never been a prude, but those first few months with Jason had shown her how little she had known. Bondage, latex, petplay, cosplay, orgasm denial, nipple and breast torture, spanking, anal plugs, and other things that still sent a shiver down her spine.

It was about six months in that he sent her for her first plastic surgery. Breast implants of course, to start at least. Lip fillers, jaw contouring, rhinoplasty, and a host of other procedures followed.

But it didn’t last, eventually she noticed his eye wandering to other women and one day he had driven her out to the beach house and left her there. She knew he would be picking up another woman in short order, she’d seen a twin of the chocker she wore even now on his desk just a few days before that.

The thunk of the car door brought her out of her reprieve and she blinked rapidly for a few seconds, then took a stride to the front door and waited for Jason to open it.

“Oh, I think you’ll like Lexi quite a bit…” she heard Jason’s voice say as he opened the door and a broad smiled crossed her face. The shock of seeing a second man standing behind Jason was nowhere to be found on it, but inside her stomach was full of butterflies.

“Ah, there you are Lexi!” Jason said with a big smile on his face as the second man walked through the doorway and Jason closed the door behind him.

The second man’s eyes went wide like saucers and were fixated on her ample cleavage, “Wow!”

Jason let out a chuckle and slapped the man on the back, “Get that tongue back in your mouth my friend… you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Lexi, hearing the complement, pushed her shoulders back and her tits out so the second man could get a good view of them.

Jason walked up to her and shook his head from side to side a little, “Here, get a better look at them.”, he said and then reached up and pulled her dress to the side so both of her tits were fully exposed, her hard nipples standing at attention.

The second man’s mouth opened even wider if that was possible and Jason let out another chuckle.

“Go head Jim, give them a squeeze.” Jason said and waved towards her tits. Jim hesitated for only a moment before stepping forward and taking both of her tits in his hands and squeezing them gently.

“Mmmm… yeah baby… squeeze them…” Lexi said as she titled her head back slightly and closed her eyes. The pleasure raced through her body and her pussy moistened instantly.

“Well… I’ll leave you too alone to get… acquainted.” Jason said and turned to leave.

“Ugh… I mean… she’ll… you know…” Jim said, still squeezing her tits and eliciting more moans from her.

“Of course, anything you want. Take her down to the beach and ride her like animal and she’ll scream out at the top of her lugs you’re the best fuck she’d ever had, if that’s what you want. Isn’t that right Lexi?”

Lexi’s head came back up and she opened her eyes, making eye contact with Jason, “Of course baby, anything you want.” she smiled and then whimpered a little as Jim stopped playing with her tits.

Jim smiled and stepped a little closer, reached around her and grabbing her ass, before leaning in and kissing her. When he broke off the kiss and leaned back a bit and smiled.

“You know Jason wants me to take you off his hands. He said that he’s grown tired of Bambi and wants to move her out here to the beach house, he has his eye on a cute little redhead I think to replace her.”

Mixed feelings welled up in her, fear of what Jim might do with her, but hope as well as to finally being out of Jason’s control.

“I’ve been looking for a trophy wife for a while, someone who can walk in to a room and turn every head. But I also need a completely out of control sex kitten in bed, someone who’s looking to be dominated and used in whatever way I want. And what I want more than anything right now is to bend you over the arm of the couch and fuck that tight little ass of yours. What do you say…”

She let out a gasp as a shiver ran over her entire body, then she turned, grabbed his hand and nearly dragged him over to the couch. She dover over the arm, hiking her dress up to reveal her naked pussy and ass, pulling her cheeks to the side with her hands.

“Oh my god baby, I can’t stand it any more, fuck my ass! Slam your cock in there and make me scream!”

It didn’t take long for him to comply and as soon as his cum entered her, her own orgasm followed.

It was only some time later, when she could hear, but not make out, Jason and Jim’s voices in the kitchen that she realized she’d made a choice at all. The chocker might have control her mind, but it couldn’t make her choose something she didn’t want, only direct her mind to perform the tasks she didn’t want to do.

But in that split instant when Jim had told her what he wanted, she realized she’d chosen Jim over Jason. And now, with his cum still dribbling down her inner thigh, she was quite sure she’d made the right choice.

“She sure is something else…” Jim said with a whistle as the two men stood in the kitchen drinking a beer.

“Yeah, they all are. The tech really does a number on them.”

“Speaking of which, does she always have to wear the chocker? I mean if I want to take if off for a few hours if we’re going somewhere more casual or something…”

Jason chuckled once more before replying, “Take it off whenever you want, for as long as you want, it’s just a placebo now. I usually replace the real chocker with a fake one after the first three months. No need to have that kind of expensive equipment just there for show.”

Jim blinked and stuttered in response, almost spitting out his beer, “You mean…”

“Yep. If you want, I’ll take it off her before I drop her off. If you want to still play with idea that something is in control with her, I can always replace it with a ring or something less obvious.”

Jim smiled and chuckled himself, “Fuck, why not. A simple gold ring would be fine.”

Jason smiled and nodded before taking another swig of beer. The two men left shortly afterwards, leaving Lexi still crumpled on the arm of the couch.

He’d be back in a few days, take one last trip down memory lane with her before dropping off Bambi and taking Lexi to Jim’s. He pulled out his phone and made a note to pickup a gold ring and made a few notes that he thought Jim would appreciate.