I have to chuckle every time I come out to the car and find Mandy sitting behind the wheel… it’s not like she can drive any more, I took that skill away from her months ago. But something in the back of her mind still remembers being a delivery driver in the gig economy and the confused look on her face as she sits there and tries to remember how to read the dials or what to do to get the car to move, always entertains me for a few moments at least.

I only paused for a moment before I walked around to the drivers side door and gently rapped my knuckles on the window. She turned and smiled at me, waving her hand eagerly as she let out a giggle. Then, I pointed at the electric window button and she looked even more confused than before, until her eyes sparkled with realization and she rolled the window down.

Then she rolled it up… then down… then up… then down, giggling as she did so, “Oh my gawd! Like… that’s sooooo amazing! giggle

“I know, amazing what they can do these days isn’t it? If you don’t mind me asking… what are you doing out here?” She of course didn’t mind, she had no mind to spare on such trivial things, it was fully occupied these days with looking sexy and acting promiscuous.

“Uhm, like… I dunno… it just kinda… you know.. makes me happy… giggle

I smiled at her broadly, “And being naked inside and sucking my cock doesn’t make you happy?”

“OH MY GOD, YES! It’s like, totally the best! giggle” she replied and I watch a shiver run over her entire body.

“And strutting around the backyard naked so all the neighbours can watch you masturbate by the pool… that doesn’t make you happy as well?”

“Mmmm….” she moaned and closed her eyes for a moment before continuing, “Like, god Mr. Tolenson makes me so horny when he watches me over the fence… and like, he doesn’t even try to hide it! giggle

“And aren’t you happy when I put a leash around you neck and walk you naked down to the mailbox for your exercise… I mean we even met Mr. Robinson from down the street the other day and he was nice enough to take you for an extended walk all the way back to his place for a few hours.”

giggle Like, yeah, Mr. Robinson has a big cock and he totally gave me a lot of exercise that day! giggle

As she had been speaking her right hand had migrated between her legs and she was gently rubbing her clit, the other was still firmly on the steering wheel of the car.

“Then what are you doing sitting in the car instead of out here on your knees sucking my cock?” I asked as I opened the car door.

“Oh god baby, yes!” she cried out and tried to step out of the seat, only to be stopped by the seatbelt she had secured around her waist.

I gave out a belly laugh as she struggled to unbuckle the seatbelt, this was the first time I’d seen her managed to get it secured, even that was usually too complex for her to grasp. Eventually I had to reach over and push in the release, her desperation making it impossible for her to grasp the simple concept of the clasp.

She quickly got out of the car seat, dropped to her knees and worked my pants open until she could take me between her lips.

Her head bobbed up and down for several minutes, I waved to a few of my neighbours as they walked by, until I released in to her mouth and I watched her body shiver with an orgasm and she collapsed on to the driveway.

I smiled down at her and then tucked myself back in to my pants and walked back in to the house. She’d be in shortly, and I doubted she’d return to the car anytime soon, but it was no matter, as I said at the start, I always got a chuckle out of it… oh, and a blowjob of course.