Diane tried as hard as she could to glare at Tom, Rob and Vic, but all that she could muster was a half glare, half bedroom eyes look that seemed unlikely to convey her deep set hatred of the men.

The three of them ran a scrap business and they’d hired her on in the office to take care of the paperwork, though she knew her resume was only half the reason they did. Instead her natural beauty had won her the job over what were likely more qualified candidates.

She didn’t mind that of course, it wasn’t the first time it had happened, and it wouldn’t be the last. Or at least she had thought as much at the time. For the first few months she’d fended off their advances and then settled in to a pretty normal routine of doing her job and going home.

It was only two weeks ago when a new shipment of scrap materials from some high tech startup arrived that things had changed. After a few days she found herself staying late and even returning the renewed flirting that all three men had been doing. By the end of last week she’d been on her knees sucking off Tom, but Rob and Vic weren’t far behind.

The worst part of it at the time had been when they’d finished in her mouth, she’d looked up, shown them their loads, swallowed, and then thanked them for it!

“See, I told you it would work! We didn’t even have to tell her to bring a bikini!” Vic said to the other two men just nodded in response.

“What about…” Rob started, “…that look?”, Tom finished.

Vic just smiled and looked down at the large piece of equipment he was standing behind, and then turned a few dials. Instantly Diane felt a wave of happiness wash over her and without her permission her face lit up in a giant smile.

“That better?” Vic asked.

“Fuck yeah.” Rob replied.

“Ok, who’s first then?” Tom asked.

Rob didn’t wait for either of the other two men to say anything and instead just walked right up to Diane, wrapped his arm around her waist and drew her in to him, placing his lips firmly on hers.

Her body responded in reply to the kiss and their tongues intertwined as he hand slipped down and grabbed her ass. He then led her back in to the office where she knew she’d be bent over the desk in mere moments.

She knew, because while the machine was in control, she was a passenger in her own body for the most part, and she could “hear” the commands being issued to her.

“Flirt when you are flirted with.”

“Give your bosses a blow job when they want one.”

“Show men that you swallow.”

“Be thankful to your bosses.”

“Use your body to keep your job.”

“Bring something sexy to work.”

“Show your bosses how much you appreciate your job by having sex with them.”

“Make yourself available whenever they want to have sex.”

“Vocally encourage your bosses while having sex.”

“Let your bosses have sex with you any way they want to.”

She knew Rob wouldn’t take long, he’d only lasted a few minutes when she’d given him a blow job last week. But that just meant Tom and Vic would follow and she hoped that it would be Tom next. Her real hope was that Vic would wait until tomorrow, or the next day, or maybe never, but she knew that was not going to happen.

Instead, as Rob guided her in to the office, all that was running through her mind was Vic’s words as she’d been on her knees in front of him, “God, I’ve been busting a nut over that ass of yours since we interviewed you. I can’t wait to fuck it good and hard.”