Abby was so proud of herself, having earned her third gold medal and now proudly displaying on her shoulder. She was almost as proud of her tits that she pushed forward as she came to a halt on the bridge as one of the men that often visited the compound approached her.

She placed her hand on the railing and thrust her hip out to the side a little as she made eye contact and did her best to catch the morning light with the three medals that adorned her shoulder.

The man smiled and step up to her and groped her tits as she let her head fall backwards slightly and she let out a moan.

“God Abby, I’ve been waiting so long for you to get that third medal…” he said. She knew she’d met him before, but like most of the men that came to the compound, she couldn’t have told you his name. It wasn’t important, only the cock that she knew was hidden behind his pants was important to her and she knew she’d have it soon enough.

“Thank you Sir, I worked hard for it and hope that I won’t disappoint you.” she said as she lowered herself to her knees and worked at his pants.

It didn’t take long for her to fish his stiffening shaft out and wrap her lips around it. As she did a little gold medal, rotating and flashing, appeared in her mind. She dove down his length and eagerly bobbed up and down.

She recognized the medal in her mind instantly, it was the first one she had earned when she came to the compound. She’d been homeless, desperate, and alone in the city when they had found her. They offered her a place to stay, food to eat, and a community to share.

She’d never thought she’d join a cult, but before she knew it she was riding in a car, letting them take her to where she spent all of her time now.

It had taken her six months to get that first medal, as they brainwashed her more and more each and every day. The thing was that it wasn’t just a blowjob that had earned her the medal, but the honest desire to give the blowjob to whoever was in front of her.

Abby felt the man grab her hair and pull her off of himself and upwards. She complied quickly and turned to face the railing, pulling her dress up over her ass and then grabbing hold of the railing and bending over.

After a quick smack of her ass, he slipped in to her pussy and she cried out in pleasure, “Oh god Sir, fuck my pussy! Slide that big hard cock in to that worthless little cunt like the cheap whore that I am!”

Instantly another gold medal appeared in her mind, the two gold discs spinning in unison as pleasure raced through her entire body.

The second medal had only taken her two months to achieve, but unlike the first, where it was just pleasure that was the key, this time it was the verbal degradation that she had to embrace to earn it. She couldn’t just enjoy the cock in her, she had to enjoy verbally degrading herself while it was there, and being degraded by the man attached to it.

It had surprised her how quickly she’d become accustomed to it, how quickly the words had started flowing from her own lips, how wet the words flowing from the men’s lips made her.

Abby felt the first of a series of hard slaps on her ass as the man pulled out and then slide his cock against her pussy lips until it was all the way to her sphincter and then pushed gently in.

“Oh fuck yes Sir! Fuck my dirty little ass, make me your dirty little anal whore!” she cried out as the third medal appeared in her mind.

Of the three, it had been the easiest to obtain, only taking a few weeks. But those weeks had been filled with cocks slamming her ass, forcing orgasm over orgasm, until she’d finally admitted to herself and everyone else, that they were far better than any orgasm she’d had from her pussy.

That was what had earned her her third gold medal, admitting that no titty fuck, no face fuck, no pussy fuck, could compare to a cock stuffed deep in to her ass.

“Oh god yes Sir! Shove that cock right in to my ass, it’s what I was made for! I want you to ream my ass so hard that I almost break in two from the orgasm that I have!”

Her voice echoed throughout the compound, until finally she felt his seed fill her bowels and she arched her back as the powerful orgasm crashed over her and she gripped the railing as tightly as she could before collapsing on to it.

She was pretty sure she heard his hand slap her ass several more times, but the ringing in her ears was too much to know for sure, and her entire body was trembling from the force of the orgasm.

She then felt the man grab her hair and pull her head upright and held a shiny gold medal in front of her face as he leaned in and whispered in to her ear.

“This is your fourth and final gold medal, but you’re only going to earn it when you’ve become my perfect trophy wife, fuck doll… understand?”

She gasped as the medal reflected the light and her entire body shiver, more pleasure coursing through her, but her lips could not remain silent and she heard herself speak.

“Yes Sir, I can’t wait to be your perfect trophy wife fuck doll.”

The man let her head go and walked away, leaving her there hanging over the railing as she tried to recover from both the orgasm he’d given her and the realization that she had a new goal to achieve, a new medal to earn.