Tammy could feel the warmth of the device in her ass, but that wasn’t it’s real effect. No, it’s real effect was the buzzing at the base of her skull that made her do things she desperately didn’t want to.

Like standing in Jason’s condo, naked, half bent over, sticking her ass out while in front of the large glass windows that looked out over the city on her tippy toes.

What made it even worse were her rock hard nipples and dripping wet pussy that she had just as much control over as the rest of her actions.

She knew he was sitting there in his chair, looking right at her ass and the glowing red light that was in it. It didn’t glow all the time of course, it would be too noticeable, but whenever she came over and stripped naked for him, it glowed that reddish orange that she’d grown to despise.

Suddenly the buzzing at the base of her skull changed, subtly, but she could tell the difference now. She wiggled her ass a bit as her lips parted and her voice filled the room.

“Has my time at the gym pleased you Sir?”

Inwardly she rolled her eyes, she had never been a gym rat or anything, just enough time there to keep in shape. But these days she was spending more and more time there, working at perfecting her body to some ideal the device told her she should strive for.

“It does, you’re looking much better now. How are you enjoying the gym membership I provided you?” he replied with a snicker.

If she had been allowed to blush her face would have matched the glowing device, the gym was filled with women like her, their glowing red device visible as they all worked out naked and encouraged each other on.

In some ways it would have been an amazing show of female solidarity, not a single catty remark was ever even whispered, but of course the devices ensure that they had no choice in the matter.

“Thank you Sir, I am enjoying it very much. I don’t deserve your kindness in providing a way to improve myself for you.”

“True, true, but never let it be said I’m not generous when it comes to my property.”

The word sent a shiver up her spine and even distracted her from the buzzing for a moment… but only a moment.

“Of course Sir, I’m proud to be your property and will do whatever I can to ensure your satisfaction with me.”

“I know you will… speaking of which, have you found a plastic surgeon yet?”

“Oh yes Sir. I did exactly as you told me to and asked the girls with the biggest tits at the gym who their surgeons were and made appointments with each of them. I have chosen the one that guaranteed me that no one would mistake my new tits as natural and things he can get at least 800cc in to me with the first surgery. Double that in the second.”

“Good.” he replied and Tammy knew that it wasn’t.

The problem was that just the though of the giant tits she would have shortly made her even wetter then she had been and she was getting desperate. She knew it was the device doing it, making her want to be a walking Barbie Doll, but it didn’t matter. The wetness was undeniable and her tummy twitched the instant she heard Jason get up out of his chair and start walking over to her.

It seemed like an eternity, but eventually he stood behind her and his hand slipped between her legs, stroking her pussy, and she moaned loudly.

“Please Sir, use your property for what it was made for.” she said, rocking her hips back and forth, desperately trying to get his fingers inside of her.

“Hmmm… well that’s quite the role reversal Tammy… are you sure that’s what you want?”

Tammy knew what he was talking about, before the device had been inserted in to her ass, she’d been the one looking to use Jason. She’d been a gold digging bitch that had targeted him due to his wealth and was well on her way to landing a ring on her finger.

She’d been thrilled when he’d given her a two week stay at an all inclusive spa/resort and hadn’t thought twice before packing and heading out.

Since then, the device had been a constant companion to her and only came out when absolutely required.

“Yes Sir! This body belongs to you, use it any way you wish.”

She heard his pants hit the floor and then his dick push up against her pussy lips before slamming into her. The force of his thrusts pushed her face and tits against the glass of the window, and between the onslaught of please, she had only one thought… how much better this would be when her tits were so large that they provided enough space so her face wasn’t crammed against the windows as well.