Samantha listened to the soothing music coming through the headphones, her mind at peace as she looked over to Tom sitting on the couch.

Her life had gotten so stressful over the last few months; with the resurgence of the virus, the extra work at the office, breaking up with her boyfriend, breaking up with her best friend for stealing her boyfriend…

She had never thought of Tom as anything but the guy that lived next door. He seemed a little geeky and introverted to her, but nice enough. They’d chatted a few times over the years, but that was all.

It was shortly after her breakup that she’d first heard the music coming from his apartment. It was dull and she could only just hear the base, but something about it intrigued her, made her stress feel just a little less, and so after a few days she’d knocked on his door and asked about it.

After that she had found herself spending more and more time at Tom’s place, listening to the music, de-stressing. Eventually he suggested the headphones, “to get the full experience” as he put, and she could argue with the results either.

She watched Tom pick up the remote to his stereo system and press a button, the music changed and her body shivered with the beat of the new selection. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her lips parted and she let out a gasp. Her ass started to sway in time with the music and before she knew it, she was crawling across the floor, right up between Tom’s legs.

She rubbed her cheek against his leg several times before reaching up and undoing his pants and fishing his cock out and gently wrapping her lips around it. Soon, just as her hips swayed to the music, her head bobbed to it as well and the last remaining stress flowed out of her body.

Tom looked down at Samantha’s bobbing head and smiled. She was well on her way to becoming his live in pet.

Oh, there were certainly things left to do of course; get her in to the latex cat suit, train her to put in her own tail, get her to vocalize like a good little kitty, etc.

But the subliminals were entrenched enough now that it was no longer a question of if, but when, those things happened.

He’d always been attracted to Samantha, but he knew better than to mess with people who were attached. However the recent developments in her life, had opened an opportunity that he just couldn’t pass up on.