‘Hmmmm…’ Taylor thought as she put her finger on her chin and looked across at the men milling about the bar.

It was so hard to make choices these days, there were just so many cock and so little time in her life. All the time she spent at the gym, or the salon, or shopping, really cut in to her time to suck and fuck as many cocks as she could.

She used to be able to make choices like these… well not like these, but other choices, with relative ease. She had been smart and focused on her career at the law firm and was well on track to become the youngest partner ever.

But then… well.. something had happened. She wasn’t sure what it was, again, it was too hard to think of anything but cock for too long now. Perhaps one of the partners had felt threated? Maybe Dandridge?

She let out a little moan as the thought of the older, powerful, partner of her old law firm crossed her mind along with the memory of what his cum had tasted like.

Perhaps it had been one of the other rising stars of the firm, like Jim. He was a sneaky asshole and she wouldn’t have put it past him. Her body quivered in delight as another memory surfaced, Jim pounding her ass in the copier room.

Or maybe it was one of the clients? She’d certainly flirted with a few of them to gain favour, and Johnson from the Industrial Chemicals had certainly gone farther than most. Though she hadn’t fucked him before leaving the firm, so that seemed unlikely.

She let out a sigh and then her pussy quivered as one of the men stood out from the rest.

He was at least twice her age, but in pretty good shape, mostly bald, but the men around the bar flocked to him and she could tell he was the alpha in the group.

She smiled and stood up, then walked towards the bar, wiggling her ass as she did so.

She might be a cock starved slut now, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have standards. Getting fucked by a strong, powerful man was always better than some young stud that didn’t know how to treat a woman like her.

Which was of course, like the three fuck holes and a pair of tits that she was now.