Wish for Porn High is a series of captions in which Dean has used one of his three wishes to “be the principle at a porn parody version of his high school”. The first post in this series is here.

Miss Lipsome glared over a Tammy who was turned half in her seat and eagerly whispering to her friend Jennifer in the one beside her, blissfully ignorant of the tapping coming from her teachers foot.

The rest of the class was stone silent knowing what was about to happen and trying to avoid any and all eye contact with their obviously pissed off teacher.

Miss Lipsome cleared her throat, loudly, to no avail and rolled her eyes and finally spoke up, “Miss Redbottom, since you are so obviously able to teach your friend the lesson better that I can, perhaps you would honour us by coming up and sharing your skills with the entire class?”

Tammy turned instantly around, a startled look on her face as she realized she had been caught.

“OH, Miss Lipsome, I’m sorry…” the cute blonde started to say but quickly realized Miss Lipsome was having none of it, as she stood at the front of the class holding out a piece of chalk towards her.

Tammy looked around for any kind of support from the rest of the class, but there was none to be found. Her shoulders slumped as she slipped from her desk and walked slowly up to the chalk board.

“Don’t doddle Miss Redbottom, we are all waiting for your stunning insights…”

“Yes Miss Lipsome…”

Tammy took the chalk from her teachers hand and approached the chalk board. Pausing for only a moment she started to work on the problem that was on it.

“So… ah… a squared plus 2x is… is equal to… a squared minus…” she managed to get out as she wrote the symbols on the board, before she felt Miss Lipsome lift up her skirt and the back of a chalk brunsh come down on her ass.

“Try it again…” Miss Lipsome said and rubbed the chalk brush against her ass as she did.

Tammy’s lower lip quivered as she started again, “A squared plus 2x is… a plus x…”

Another blow came down on her ass and her whole body quivered a little from it.

By the time the class ended thirty minutes later, Tammy’s ass was beat red and the smell of her pussy juices filled the room, but every single student was focused on the chalk board and the lesson Miss Lipsome was delivering.

When the end of period bell rang, a moan arose from the other pupils in the class as the shuffled out of the room and on to their next class, only Tammy staying behind, still standing at the chalk board.

Miss Lipsome had gone back to her desk and written out a note on a small pad of paper.

“Now Miss Redbottom, go see Principal Hardcock and show him the lesson you’ve learned.” she said, handing Tammy the detention slip.

“Yes Miss Lipsome.” Tammy replied, her head hung low as she started to walk from the classroom

“Oh and Miss Redbottom, Principal Hardcock may find it necessary to further the lesson I’ve started, and he won’t go nearly so easy on you as I have.”

Tammy blushed furiously as she sped to make her exit, “Yes Miss Lipsome.” she called back as she entered the hallway and walked as quickly as she could to see Principal Hardcock.

Tammy was well aware of how hard the Principal could be on misbehaving students and couldn’t wait for her detention with him.