Jessi felt so… tired?

Was that the right way to describe it?

Maybe… it was so hard to think to the right words, even in her own head, these days.

The words had come so easily before, when she still worked at the magazine, writing exposes and sticking it to the patriarchy. But that had been so long ago… so long ago that her hair had still be short and brown!

Let alone how small her titties had been. Her lips tired to form a smile as a small giggle escaped them as she thought about her old flat chest and how much more pleasurable her new giant tits were.

God she loved it so much when Charlie grabbed hold of them and squeezed them, almost as much as she loved sucking on his cock!

Another giggle filled the bathroom as her fingers slipped between her legs.

“Hey, are you almost ready in there?” Charlie’s voice broke through her respite and her fingers flew up to her nose and pushed her glasses up that had slide down a bit.

“Like, almost baby!” she replied, hurriedly finishing up, fluffing her hair and smoothing her dress before she turned and walked towards the door.

She opened it to see Charlie standing in the bedroom, dressed in a dark suit and tie with a smile on his face. She stepped in to the bedroom and let out another giggle before turning around so he could get a good look at her outfit… and more importantly her tits and ass.

“Perfect Jessi.” he said and a shiver of pleasure ran through her, like it did any time he approved or compliment her.

He stepped in close to her, slipped his arm around her waist and lead her out of the bedroom towards the front door. They’d soon be in the car that she was sure was waiting for them downstairs, waiting to whisk them away to the awards ceremony that she had attended so many times in the past. Attended and won award at.

There would be no awards for her this year though, they didn’t give them out for biggest tits, or tightest dress, or most vapid look, though she would have won those if they had.

No, she hadn’t written anything that didn’t have happy little hearts, or silly smiley faces in it since she’d left the magazine. Charlie wouldn’t be winning any himself though, he didn’t write, he was the new publisher for it and was there to support the new writers he’d brought on board to replace her and the other that he’d let go.

When he’d first taken over, she’d fought against his “new direction”. The magazine was a staunchly feminist publication and the though of having such backwards thinking articles in it had been revolting. Of course these days she read it cover to cover, finding the new writes far better than she had ever been, especially for the makeup tips and exercise advice they gave, let alone the reviews of plastic surgeons they did.

A shiver ran through her as the title of a recent article popped in to her head, “Supporting your man when he has an achievement”. Maybe, if the magazine won an award to two, she could show Charlie how much she supported him by getting under the table and giving him a blowjob during the speeches!