“Uhm, like, what happened?!?” Dede squealed as she pulled her long blonde hair out to the side and stared at Dan.

It hadn’t been blonde last night when she went to bed, and for that matter she didn’t remember putting on clothing, let alone the tight little number she wore now.

And then there was her breasts… much like her hair they hadn’t been anything like there were now either.

“Like… it was that totally stupid thing! Wasn’t it!” she pouted as she turned around to look at the ugly set of antlers mounted about the headboard.

Dan just let out a chuckle and smiled.

She knew she should have put her foot down and said no to putting it up, he’d given in too easily to her demands for a kitchen reno! She should have been more suspicious!

When they’d gone to bed, she’d turned on her side away from Dan, a wide grin on her face from her victory… and then… then… scrunched her forehead trying to remember and it slowly came back to her.

Dan had initiated sex, like he did most nights, or at least tried to. She usually shut him down, but between her victory and a rising warmth in her own loins, she’d given in.

And then… then things had gotten really wild. Her need had grown strong and strong, as her breasts had expanded, her waist constricted and her hair grew longer.

She and sucked and fucked Dan for hours on end until she had orgasmed so hard that she’d passed out.

Dan stepped over to the side of the bed and reached down and caressed the side of her face with his hand. Pleasure blossomed from her cheek as her nipples hardened and her pussy moisten. She gasped and then moaned as she pushed in to his hand before looking up at him with pleading eyes.

“Like, Danny… are ya gonna fuck me again? Please?”

Dan smiled and let his hand slip down between her breasts and then he squeezed her left one. The pleasure double, then tripled, until she could take it no longer and her fingers quickly found his zipper and released his dick.

Her eyes widened and her lips parted as she stared at it, just like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

Dede didn’t notice the slight glow of the antlers about the headboard, any more than she could imagine that she was that deer, and Dan was the car. He was going to smash right in to her and wipe out of existence what little was left of the old Dede.