“See Jessi, did I lie?” Sandra asked as she pointed over in my direction.

Jessie smiled warmly, “Oh, no, not at all!” she enthused as I watched the cascade of changes occurring in her mind.

Her initial revulsion twisting in to desire, her distrust turning in to obedience, her integrity fading away into desperation.

“It’s amazing how different he is in person!” Jessie continued as she took a step forward towards me, then another until she reached out wit her hand and touched my chest.

Her mind lite up like a christmas tree as her pupils dilated and she gasped at the feelings that were washing over her.

“Would you mind leaving us alone for a few minutes Sandra?” I asked.

“Of course Sir!” she replied and then sashayed her way out of the green room leaving Jessie and I alone.

Jessie had caused me quite a bit of trouble over the last week, the hit piece she’d done on my businesses, while completely true, was none the less not something I was going to stand for.

It hadn’t taken me long to find a way in… Sandra was the booker for Jessie’s talk show and was easy enough to get a meeting with. Once I had her, it was only a matter of a day or so before I was scheduled to meet Jessie.

And now that Jessie was mine as well, there wouldn’t be any further trouble for me.

“Now Jessie, I wanted to talk about the awful bit of reporting you did on your show about me…”

Jessie’s eyes went wide and she stuttered for a moment, “Oh, I’m so sorry about that! I don’t know what came over me… I can tell now that I got it all wrong!”

“Well we all make mistakes, so I won’t hold it against you as long as you make it right.”

“Of course! I’ll do anything.”

“Good. I was thinking you could do an on air apology. Take full responsibility for your sloppy research and reporting. Tender your resignation on air for being a completely incompetent reporter, for misleading and failing your fans.”

“Y… yes… I could do that…” she replied, her lower lip quivering as she did.

“Good. Perhaps next Friday would be a good day to do that, what do you think?”

“Of… of course. That would be perfect.”

“Excellent. Now then, as you’ll be out of work and looking for a new job, do you mind if I make a suggestion?”

Her eyes lit up and she nodded, “I would be honoured if you would!”

“Well, you know that strip club you claimed I owned and ran as a brothel?”

Jessie nodded.

“Why don’t you apply there for a job. I mean, you have the looks for it and I can tell you have a real kinky side to you as well. I bet you’ve got an exhibitionist streak a mile wide hiding under that conservative facade you keep on for the public.”

Jessie blushed but said nothing.

“Why I bet if I do this…” I said, reaching out and pulling the zipper of her jacket down. Before it reached the bottom her hands had already reached in to her jacket and pulled it to the sides, exposing her breasts.

Her nipples hardened and she let out a little moan as she closed her eyes and pushed her chest out, “Oh god, look at my tits! God I love showing them off so much!”

“You most certainly do… and I bet you love getting them fucked too. Hard, and fast, with them pushed together to give a nice tight channel for the guy to get off in.”

She nodded and pushed her breasts together, bitting her lower lip as the thought of a dick sliding between them filled her mind.

“Great! Now, you be sure to tell the manager of the club all about your tit fucking fetish. He’ll be able to set you up with all kinds of clients that will appreciate your talents.”

Jessie managed to open her eyes and look at me once more, “Really? He will?”

“Absolutely.” I replied and then reached out and grabbed hold of one of her nipples, giving it a twist.

“Now you don’t mind if I fuck your tits do you Jessie?”

Jessie let out a little squeal of excitement before answering, “Oh god, not at all! In fact, I insist!” she replied and then pulled her jacket from her shoulders before dropping to her knees, holding her tits firmly together.

I smiled and undid my pants before letting her wrap her breasts around my cock and start stroking it like her life depended upon it.

I made a mental note to drop by, in a month or so, to my club and see how she was making out.

To my surprise though, it wasn’t Jessie that was going to be the big addition to the club, it was Sandra. Sandra had connections throughout the entertainment industry and was going to be bringing them all to my club for a good time. And if my chance my manager happened to record said good times, well, they would pay willingly to keep that information private.