“Of course honey, I would be happy to pour you a nice cold glass of water!” Miranda said as she lifted the pitcher from the counter and started to fill the glass.

“Great, I’m going to the living room, bring it to me.” I replied and then turned without waiting for an answer, it really wasn’t a question after all.

“Right away honey!” she called after me as I walked back to the living room, sat down on the couch and picked up the controller once more and unpaused my game.

Moments later I heard the fridge door open, followed by the sounds of ice being added to the glass of water, finally followed by the sounds of Miranda’s heels hitting the tiled floor of the kitchen and then being muffled as she entered the carpeted living room. She came in to view beside me and set the glass down on the end table, with a coaster she had brought as well, then momentarily blocked my view as she sunk down to her knees between my legs and pushed her tits in to my crotch.

“Is there anything else I can do for you honey?” she asked, looked up at me with big wide eyes as she wiggled herself even closer to me. Her tongue ran around her lips as the stud in it protruded from between them as well.

“Sure, give me a blow job while you’re down there.” I replied.

“Sure honey, you know how much I love sucking your cock!” she said as she undid my pants and pulled them down, then quickly took my hardening member in to her mouth and started to slowly bob up and down.

I hit pause on my game for a moment and smiled as I looked down at Miranda and couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment.

A year ago Miranda had been my ball busting bitch of a wife, focused on her career at the law firm, and seducing the junior associates to boot.

Technically we were divorced now, but Miranda was more dedicated to me now then she ever had been in our loveless marriage. Well, loveless was unfair, I’d loved her at the start, but she’d only been in love with my money and power, as one of the largest clients of the firm. She’d fooled me long enough to get me to propose to her, but soon after the wedding things had gone down hill.

When I’d had enough and filed for divorce, she’d gone full on bitch mode, trying to take me for everything I had. Fortunately for me, that was the worst play she could have made. A few quick calls, and a few days later, and Miranda had been picked up, strapped down, drugged out of her mind, and completely reprogrammed.

She showed up at the next divorce meeting with a completely new attitude. Quickly agreeing to the original terms I’d set forward, three weeks later we were officially divorced. She didn’t move out of the house though, instead just down the hall to the smallest of the bedrooms, where she took on her role as house servant with gusto.

She resigned from the firm, started using my private gym, bought and entire new wardrobe, went to several cosmetic surgeons, and watched as much porn as she could when she wasn’t busy with chores around the house.

I reached over and grabbed the glass of ice water and took a sip before placing it down on the coaster again. Then I picked up my controller once more and unpaused my game and continued to play as Miranda sucked my cock and wiggled her ass between my legs.

“Oh Miranda…” I said off handedly.

Miranda popped off the end of my cock and smiled, “Yes honey?”, she replied and then moved down to the base of my shaft and ran her tongue, and stud, up the entire length of it.

“Remind me again when your next surgery is scheduled for?”

“Mmmm…” she moaned as she flicked her tongue across my tip, “7 weeks, 3 days, and 15 hours.” she replied and then pushed forward and warped her tits around my cock, sliding up and down on it.

“Good, and how large is he going this time?”

“1200 cc’s, he’s bringing the implants in from overseas just for me.”

“Alright, make sure he knows you want to at least double that by this time next year.”

“Of course honey! I can’t wait until they’re as big as you want them to be!” she replied and then pulled back, squeezed her tits together and jiggled them, before diving down on on to my cock once more and continuing the blowjob.

I smiled as the level I was playing was completed, tossed the controller to the side, grabbed hold of Miranda’s head and held her down as I pumped my hips in to her face several times before releasing.

I watched her whole body shiver and shake as her orgasm overtook her, her eyes rolling back in to her head, and she slumped down on to the floor, my cock slipping from between her lips. She laid there for a while, several drops of my cum falling down on to her, with a stupid, satisfied grin across her face.

I shook my head, realizing her lips were obviously still not pumped up enough if she could still smile, and made a mental not to have her talk to her surgeon about that as well.