Wish for Porn High is a series of captions in which Dean has used one of his three wishes to “be the principle at a porn parody version of his high school”.

The first post in this series is here. All stories in the serires tagged here.

Note, all characters depeicted are over 18. The wish made all the students into adults, as all porn parody actresses are adults in these films.

“Hello Principal Hardcock…” Debbie said in a breathy tone as her phone recorded her.

She played with her hair for a moment and then touched her long fingernail to her lip before letting her hand fall down to her tits and used both of them to push them together while leaning forward to the camera.

“I just want you to know how much I respect your… stature, at school, and that I’d do… anything… for you.” she said and then pulled her top to the sides so she could play with her nipples.

She raised her finger to her mouth and sucked on it for a moment, closing her eyes and then pulling her wet finger out and rubbing her nipple once more.

“God, just thinking about your… stature, makes me so fucking wet…” she said into the camera as her slick fingers moved down to her pussy and she leaned back to provide the best view of her masturbating.

It wasn’t long before she was orgasming and scream out in raw pleasure from it.

The look on Debbie’s face as the video ended and Miss Goodbottom frowned at her was in stark contrast to the one that had been on the screen just moments ago.

“Now class, what was wrong with this sexting video?”

A moment passed before a tentative voice spoke up, “She… she didn’t say Principal Hardcock’s name enough?”

“Good Crystal… what else?”

Another voice piped up, “She didn’t describe what she was doing?”

“Very good… and?”

“She didn’t say what she was going to do for Principal Hardcock.”

“Right you are Gina! Remember class, when sexting, you have to be explicit with what your going to do! If you’re going to suck cock, make sure to explain just how far you’re going to go down, how hard you’re going to suck, how are you going to play with their balls, etc.”

Debbie blushed and sunk in her seat even more if that was possible as Miss Goodbottom continued on. She was only saved when the end of class bell went off and everyone rushed for the door.

“One second Debbie…” Miss Goodbottom called out before she could fully make her escape.

She turned and walked over to Miss Goodbottom, “Yes Miss Goodbottom?”

“I’m going you a B on your assignment, don’t take all the critisim too hard dear. Sexting is a skill; learned and practiced. Speaking of which, Principal Hardcock wants to see you after school, report to the office when your classes are finished.”

Suddenly Debbie’s face lit up and she nodded before turning and almost running from the class.

Using Principal Hardcock as her subject for the sexting assignment had been a gamble, she knew he review them each semester, but she was glad it was going to pay off.