“Fuck yeah I’m ready! I was born ready!” Lexi added to the photo she had just taken at the end of the hallway at the hotel.

It was a lie of course, in fact at this time last yeah if some random guy had texted her “Ready to be fucked like a cheap whore?”, she would have reported it to the police.

Instead her nipples had hardened, her pussy and moistened and she was eager to get to her next client.

The one she had just left had done a real number on her makeup after fucking her tits for almost half an hour, but that was a small price to pay. He could have been doing any number of other things that would have been far worse and she would have encouraged him to do so if that was what he wanted.

She scrolled up a few lines and found the hotel and room number her next client had sent her and made a bee line for the elevators. It was only a few hotels down the strip, she could walk it if she wanted to.

God, just the thought of strutting down the strip, her tits on full display, her ass swaying from side to side, all those people staring at her. She let out a little moan but steeled herself against the idea, instead heading to the parking lot and getting into her car.

Well, at least she thought of it as her car, even though she didn’t own anything anymore. The agency owned it, like they owned her.

She’d come to Vegas for a business convention and been “recruited” for the agency while she was there. And by recruited, she meant kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming a high end hooker.

She couldn’t remember much of the brainwashing itself, but whenever she tried to a shiver of fear ran down her spine and she quickly thought of something else… usually the next cock she was going to service.

Those thoughts always calmed her down right away and even now she could tell it was some kind of trigger that the brainwashing had implanted in her.

She let out a sigh and started the car, driving off to the next hotel, there were several more on her list to visit tonight and she only hoped that more of them would fuck her tits than her pussy or ass. Though she knew both would be used before the night was over… repeatedly.