Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Jenna hated these private flights to Asia, they were long and the men were obnoxious.

Either because they were coming from America and assumed she was some submissive Asian stereotype that wanted nothing more than to worship their big white cocks, or they were Asian business men coming back from America and looked at her as something less than they were.

It didn’t matter that she was born and raised in San Fransisco, or she was working on her PhD in Evolutionary Biology, all they saw was the cute Asian dressed in a flight attendants uniform.

She let out a sigh inwardly as the Captain called across the intercom to let her know they were next in line for takeoff and she quickly relayed the information to the passenger.

Normally she would have just gone over and spoken to the man in person, but this time she used the PA system. There was just something about the passenger for this flight that unsettled her.

Her certainly wasn’t some Asian business man on his way back home, nor did he seem to be some arrogant American. He hadn’t said a word since he came on board and she hadn’t even made eye contact with him, he just exuded a feeling of ‘leave me alone’, and so she had.

It was only a few minutes later that the plane reached it’s cruising altitude and she mustered up her courage to start her duties.

She walked over to the man with a tray of refreshments, “Excuse me, would you like anything?” she asked, still not making eye contact.

There was no response for a moment and then, against her own will, her head snapped straight up and her eyes locked with his.

They were red embers that scorched her to her soul.

“What?!?” she managed to get out just before the tray she was holding disappeared from her hands and she felt a wave of power flow over her.

She could feel it penetrate her body, but it was her uniform that she noticed first. The dark navy of it started to fade and the similar dark piping shifted even more. Then it split open around her waist and started to retreat.

By the time it did, she could feel her body shifting as well, the few extra pounds she carried disappeared, her short hair started to fall around her shoulders, and the most concerning change was the swelling of her breasts.

The changes continued until the two large globes stuck on to her chest were all that she was thinking about, and she didn’t even notice the power slip in to her mind.

Jin Na cocked her hip out and looked at the passenger and smiled, at least as well as she could with her inflated lips.

“Harow mister, you want som’than?” she asked in a terrible Asian accent. It was fake of course, she could speak English perfectly well, just like every other part of her.

She was a fake Asian, born and raised in San Francisco, but built and perfected in the clinics of Asia.

A smile crossed his lips and she knew he did, in fact, want something.

“You want head? You want titty fuck? Jin give good titty fucks!” she said as she grabbed her tits and gave them a jiggle.

Something in the back of her head told her that he was a titty man and so without waiting she reached around and undid her top before slipping down on to her knees and taking care of her passenger the best was she knew how.