Crystal felt a sudden wave of dizziness come over her and she leaded against the wall for a moment to steady herself. It passed after a moment and she double checked her hair and clothing to make sure everything was still perfect.

God, that hadn’t happened in a long time!

A giggle escaped her lips as she thought back to the last time it had happened, it had to be at least a month ago, before she’d taken her new job.

Her pussy quivered at the thought of her job, being Dan’s secretary was the best job she’d ever had!

So much better than when she had that horrible CEO job that Dan now had. She giggled again as she approached her desk and started to get ready for the day. She checked Dan’s schedule to make sure everything was lined up, went to the coffee maker and started brewing a pot for the staff, and then started replying to the e-mails that awaited her.

The sound of her long french nails could be heard throughout the office as the staff filed in, but stopped the instant that she caught sight of Dan.

“Hiya Boss!” she said and smiled.

“Hey Crystal.” he replied.

“You’ve got a meeting at 9 with Jason, then at 10 with Benny. Like, can I get you a cup of coffee to start?”

“Sure.” he said and then looked at his watch, “What’s your schedule like for the day?”

“Like, I’ve got a 9 am with Janice… god her pussy is so tasty giggle… then, like John’s got me for an hour! But, like, then I’m totally yours until the 1 o’clock with Mr. Dennis.”

Dan nodded, “Good. Don’t forget Mr. Dennis is a potential client, so no limits with him, alright?”

giggle Like, totally!”

Dan then turned and walked in to his office as Crystal wiggled her ass over to the coffee machine and started pouring a cup for Dan.

She was looking forward to Mr Dennis at 1, there weren’t many restrictions in the office, but the one that always frustrated her the most was the fact that only Dan was allowed to fuck her ass.

And as much as she loved Dan’s cock in her ass, a little variety was always a good thing and she hoped she’d be able to convince Mr. Dennis of the same.