Ah, the good old tennis club, it was good to see some new faces around the place.

You could aways tell the new ones, even if you couldn’t remember their faces always, by the looks on their face and a few other tells.

Take Janice, the redhead on the left, see that little smile, and how she’s not even holding the racket? She’s been here long enough to know she has no say in what happens here and has learned to just enjoy it.

Tammy, the blonde holding the racket behind her head, has been here the second longest, she’s no longer trying to hide her body, even though she’s still not happy about it.

Jennifer, the one with the baseball cap on, still looks like she wants to hit me with the racket, so she’s in the anger phase. Still pretty new, but not a complete newbie like Sandy kneeling at her feet.

Sandy is still in denial, hiding behind the racket, crossing her arms, not even turned towards me.

I walked over to Janice and took her face in my hand, tilting it up towards me, “What’s it been Janice, three months since you started here?”

Her smile broadened as soon as my fingers came in contact with her, “Yes Sir. I’m so happy you have returned, perhaps we could pick up where we left off… I do so love the taste of your cum.” Then she pulled back just enough to turn her head and wrap her lips around my thumb and start to suck on it.

I smiled and looked over at Tammy, her expression had changed to jealousy. Her eyes darted between Janice sucking on my thumb and my eyes.

“I seem to recall the last time I saw you Tammy, you’re oral skills we’re all that great… but that tight little pussy of your
s was quite the treat.”

“Yes… yes Sir, I loved… loved having you in… in… in my pussy. I… I came so hard…” she said, her cheeks blushing profusely as her nipples hardened.

I gave her a nod and watched her lower lip quiver as I turned to the other two, “And I don’t think I’ve had the please of either of you yet, have I?”

“Fu… fuck no…” Jennifer managed to get out, I imagine she wanted it to sound firm and authoritative, but it sounded week and unconvincing instead.

“Please… just… just…” was all that Sandy was able to get out before pulling the racket even closer to her body and holding on to it for dear life.

I pulled my thumb from Jancie’s lips and then stroked Sandy’s head, “Don’t worry, no one is going to force themselves onto you here. Isn’t that right Janice?”

Janice smiled and nodded, “That’s right Sir. Everything here is consensual. Weather that’s our decision to forgo the standard uniform or anything else.”

I continued to stroke Sandy’s head as I continued, “That’s right. In fact I bet you asked to be allowed to work naked today, didn’t you Sandy?”

Sandy’s lower lip quivered in response as confusion filled her eyes, “I… I… yes… but… I… I don’t… don’t know… why I did that….”

“Well, isn’t that obvious? Take a look at you’re co-workers, don’t they seem to enjoy working naked? Janice…?”

“Oh yes Sir. I love being naked, especially when I work. And even more so when members like yourself are around…” she said and bit her lower lip, her eyes fixating on my crotch.

“And Tammy?”

“I, well, yes, I mean, I like it. It’s very nice to get… to get attention from the members like yourself. umf” Tammy replied, closing her eyes for a moment at the end.

“Why, I bet even Jennifer likes to be naked at work, don’t you?”

“I… bastard… how could you… fuck! Yes!” Jennifer almost spit in response.

I stroked Sandy’s head a few more times before continuing, “So as you can see, it’s only natural for you to want to be naked, like all of your co-workers.”

“I… I guess so…” Sandy replied, her eyes now glossed over as her mouth hung slightly agape.

“Good…” I said and took my hand from her head and turned it over, extending it to her, “Why don’t you stand up and we can take a little walk. We can talk some more about consent and what happens here.”

She slowly nodded her head as she unraveled her arm from around her body and placed her hand in mine. I helped her up and stood beside her, she instinctively leaned in to me as I wrapped my arm around her waist.

It only stayed there for a moment before I moved it down to her ass and started stroking it as well, eliciting a moan from Sandy’s lips.

I took a look back over my shoulder as we walked from the tennis court to the private tents that lined each side of it, the sounds of sex emanating from each of them.

I could see Janice’s disappointment, Tammy’s confusion as to why she had mixed emotions about the result, and Jennifer’s relief. it wouldn’t be long before Tammy no longer had those mixed emotions, and even less time before Tammy moved on as well.

I’m sure I’ll be enjoying Janice again soon, her oral skills were quite impressive. And once Tammy came to enjoy being at the club fully, I’d revisit her as well.

Some at the club enjoyed the kind of sex that Jennifer would consent to at this stage. Angry, rough, and intense. But I had no desire for that. Instead I enjoyed the two ends of the spectrum, those like Janice who were fully enjoying themselves, and those like Sandy, who would be crying out in an orgasm that she neither understood nor expected.

Fortunately the tennis club had a seemingly unlimited supply of nubile young women that it brainwashed and provided to it’s members all year long.