“Hey baby, you wanna fuck these big tits?” Jenny said at the man walking along the path.

The man stopped and stared at her, his mouth flapping for a moment before he found the words to say, “I… well, I mean… how much?”

Jenny’s face lit up and she smiled broadly, “Oh god baby, like, I’m a cheep whore, so just twenty bucks.” she replied and then uncrossed her legs and exposed her bare pussy.

Her fingers slipped between her legs and spread her pussy lips, “But, like, if you totally wanna fuck my pussy or ass, you can double that.”

The man looked around nervously, paying special attention to the cars parked on the street behind the bench.

“Oh, like, don’t worry baby, I’m not a cop. Just a total whore! giggle” Jenny said.

The man seemed to relax and dig in to his pocket and pulled out two twenties, he walked up to her and stuffed the bills between her tits and her fingers flew to his pants.

It wasn’t long before she was bent over the park bench with the man’s cock buried deep in her and the sound of her voice echoing throughout the neighbourhood.

Jennifer walked up to the car in a huff and banged on the window. It was a large black sedan and the windows were darkly tinted to the point where she couldn’t see inside, but she knew what was going on.

“Hey, stop that! This is a respectable neighbourhood! We don’t let whores fuck around here!” she shouted as she continued to bang on the glass.

She’d seen the strumpet walk out of the house and to the car, a man waiting there for her. The man and taken hold of the woman and manhandled her in public, to the point of exposing the woman’s breasts and mauling them for several minutes.

Jennifer had called the police right away of course, but for some reason the phone hadn’t been working.

By the time she looked back out her window, the man had the woman pinned against the car and she was nearly naked. He was slapping her butt, and pulling her hair, and the woman was crying out in pleasure as the man did so.

Then, the two of them had entered the car and a few moments later it had started rocking from side to side.

Suddenly, she heard the voice of the woman in the car cry out in a blissful shriek and the rocking stopped.

A moment later the window of the car rolled down and the smell of sex wafted out of the car, “Can I help you Jennifer?” a male voice asked.

Jennifer was confused for a moment at being called by her name, but she managed to regain her composure and continued.

“Yes, yes you can! I demand you leave this place with your whore and never return! This is an upstanding neighbourhood and we won’t tolerate your kind here!”

The man leaned forward so his face was illuminated by the mid-day sun, “Oh? I don’t think Alice would agree with you, would you Alice?”

The whore that the man was with giggled and then leaned in to view before she spoke, “God, like Ally is a total whore and, like, she lives here! giggle

Jennifer’s confusion returned as she took a second look at the woman’s face and realized a stunning resemblance to Jennifer’s neighbour Alice, the head of the home owner’s association.

“But…” Jennifer started to reply but the man cut her off.

“You know what? I don’t like your attitude, you seem like a real Karen.” he said and then snapped his fingers.

Jennifer’s head swam as it spun around, coming to a sudden stop a few seconds later.

Jenny blinked and then looked down at the man in the car, then at her tits, then at the man again.

“So, like, you wanna fuck or what?”

“Nah, Alice and I are going to have some fun, we don’t need a third wheel.”

Jenny pouted and then smiled, “Like, ok. But if you totally change your mind…” she said and then walked away, swaying her hips as she headed towards her bench.

It was nice seeing such an upscale gentleman in the neighbourhood, it was just too bad that Ally had gotten to him first.

Well, maybe he’d swing by some other day and take her for a ride in his car, a girl like her could only hope.