Jill looked over at her boss with a mix of trepidation and anticipation.

She had her hands palm down on her desk, her ass sticking out as far as she could get it and she still wasn’t sure how her top was holding together.

“Good morning Jill, how are you making out today?” Jim asked with a knowing smirk on his lips.

She wanted to thrown something at him, but instead her lower lip quivered a bit before she replied, “I’m… I’m doing… fine…” she manged to get out, but they both knew it was a lie. Not just because she said it with no confidence, but because she was slightly swaying her ass and tits as he looked at her.

He let out a slight chuckle and shook his head, “You have always been one tough cookie Jill.”

“I… I…” she managed to get out before he continued on right over top of her.

“I’ll tell you what Jill, I’m going to tell you to do something in a moment, and if you can resist doing it for one hour, then I’ll give you the week off. How does that sound?”

Jill’s eyes lit up, a week off, away from the office, away from Jim, would be heaven. She was sure that she could undo whatever he was doing to her in that time, break free from whatever hold he seemed to have over her these days.

“You’ve got a deal!” she replied almost instantly, not even considering what he might want if she succumbed to the order.

“Alright then, first grab that pen and write this down… and no, this isn’t what I’m going to tell you to do.” he said with a smile before should could even form the question.

She nodded her head, grabbed the pen and prepared to write down what he was going to say.

“I, Jill McIntyre, am a horny little slut for my boss.” her fingers wrote out the words even as she tried to stop.

“All I do all day long at my desk is fantasize about sucking his cock and letting him fuck me in any way he wants.”

She wrote out the words, her pussy getting even more moist than it had been.

“I here by give Jim Donaldson, my superior in every way, permission to use me in any way he deems fit.”

He finished speaking and she stood up from her position and looked at the page of her own handwriting.

“Ok, now here’s what you have to resist doing for the next hour… Sign and date that page.”

Jill’s entire body shivered as he turned an walked away, “I’ll be in my office for the next hour…” he called back to her as he left her standing there.

Jill looked at the notebook, then to the pen, then back to the notebook as she sat behind her desk with butterflies in her stomach. Her fingers tentatively reached out to the pen for the umpteenth time and then pulled back.

Her eyes glanced over to her computer screen, it had been only 22 minutes since Jim had left her with the conundrum she now faced.

All she had to do was hold out for another… 38 minutes!

But god that seemed like an eternity!

Her eyes came to rest on the notebook once more and this time she reread the text to herself. When she was done she closed her eyes to try and steel herself against the need to pick up then pen. It didn’t help, and she didn’t even realize it until her lips were wrapped around the pen and she was sliding it between her lips.

A slight whimper escaped her lips as she sucked the pen in deeper and the thought of Jim’s cock filled her mind. She sucked on it for several more minutes before her teeth came down on the cap and she pulled the pen free.

Without another thought she signed the page and a small orgasm came over her.

When she recovered she recapped the pen, stood up and took hold of the notebook, she licked her lips and swayed her hips as she walked in to Jim’s office to suck his dick.

Perhaps, if she was lucky, he’d bend her over her old desk and fuck her like the horny little slut she was.