“Hey Casey… snap snap… wake up… snap snap” Brian said as he looked at the empty stare of his roommate.

“Shit, it finally worked!” Kevin, his other roommate said over top of him.

Casey was the roommate from hell, the one that every feared they would get stuck with. She hadn’t started out that way, Brian had been doing his ex-girlfriend a favour when he’d convinced Kevin to rent her the room.

And it wasn’t like they hadn’t needed another roommate, rents had been going up far faster than their incomes, but both had been expecting to find another guy to join them.

When one of Kevin’s friends had bailed out at the last moment, Casey had seemed like a solution to their rent issue. Little had they known that Brian would break up with Debra in a messy blow out fight, or that Casey would spend the next six weeks making their lives a living hell.

Turning his attention to Kevin, Brian scowled at him, “Well of course it did. Didn’t I say it would?”

“Hey man, chill. I mean, you have to admit it seemed kinda… mad scientisty after all…” Kevin said with a shrug of his shoulders and his hands up to his sides.

Brian let his guard down a bit, it was hard not to get defensive since he was routinely rejected for his theories at university.

“Yeah… ok.”

“So now what?” Kevin asked.

Brian smiled and made a beeline for his room, returning a few minutes later with a pair of earbuds in his hand. He walked over to Casey and gentely fitted them in her ears.

Then he unlocked his phone and started to play an audio file.

“Well, the base subsonic commands have been working her over pretty well for the simple stuff, and the spiked wine has got her defenses down, so now it’s time to do the more specific commands.” Brian said.

Kevin still looked skeptical, but Brian just held up a hand and then waited a minute or two before pointing at Casey. Kevin then noticed her lips slowly moving, then pick up speed, then start to form words before a tiny voice escaped from between her lips.

“I love my roommates. I’ll do anything for my roommates. I want my roommates to be happy more than anything in the world. I would never do anything to hurt my roommates. My roommates are so handsome and sexy. I have sexual fantasies about my roommates all the time. I want to suck my roommates cocks so much. I want my roommates to take control of me, and fuck me and use me in any way they want. I love my roommates…”

“Fuck…” Kevin let trail off as Casey continued to repeat the words over and over again.

“Yeah, don’t get too excited, it’s going to take a few sessions before she’ll act on any of this, but she will eventually. Just make sure to let it happen naturally. Let her make the first move. I doubt it will be more than a week or so before she crawls in to one of our rooms at night…”

Kevin just nodded his head and then headed towards his own room.

For his part, Kevin pulled up on of the advanced scripts that he’d been feeding Casey, after a few more weeks, to review and read it to himself.

“I want Debra to feel the same way I do about Brian. Debra needs to learn how wrong it was to humiliate Brain in public. Debra needs to be punished for what she did to Brian. I want to help Brain punish Debra by making her in to a good little fuck doll just like me.”