Candy smiled and glanced as the two men standing by the car spoke just out of earshot, not that she cared about their conversation per se, only the outcome of it.

John would be talking numbers, and the other man would be talking about positions and responses. Her positions and responses.

The same scene had played out time and time again over the last few months that Candy had been the property of John. Tonight would be no different, with the man she would soon be fucking paying for the use of her body, though she would not see any of the money from the transaction.

She had left such mundane things, like money, behind when John had taken possession of her free will. She still didn’t know how he’d done it, just that there was no question that he had.

In no time flat, she’d quit her job, distanced herself from her friends and family, and moved across town.

Even trying to think back before she was owned by John as difficult now.

“Deal!” John’s voice cut through her reminiscence as she watched the two men shake hands and then the man hand John an envelope full of cash. A moment later John walked over to her and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“That’s David.” he said and nodded towards the other man, “He wants you to call him Davey, or sweety, or other sugary names. You’re going to be happy and bubbly right up until it’s time to get dirty and degrading. Then you’re going to be the dirtiest, nastiest whore you can be. You’re going to beg him to let you suck his cock. You’re gong to push those big fake tits together when he slides his dick between them and spit on them. Your going to tell him you’ve never had such a big hard cock in your pussy before. You’re going to beg him to fuck your ass harder and faster. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.” she replied, the smile never leaving her lips.

“Oh, and one more thing Candy. David is an important client, make sure he’s a repeat client.”

Candice looked over the conference room table with a scowl, “What the hell do we need an arbitrator for?” she spat out.

“Look, it’s completely optional, it’s just company policy when we get an HR complaint like this.” the HR manager replied.

Candice turned her scowl towards her boss David and crossed her arms, “Don’t think this is going to change anything, I’ll take this to court!”

The HR manager tried to settle things down but had little success, “Look, just let the arbitrator take a shot at settling this before it has to go any farther. It’s non-binding arbitration, if you’re not happy with the result we can proceed to the courts.”

Candice nodded and then pushed back into her chair.

“Alright, John, could you come in please?” the HR manager called out and Candice turned to see a man walk into the room, then her head started spinning and things went fuzzy from there.