“Ah, I see Daniel and Channel have caught your eye…” the salesman’s voice came from behind me and I smirked without turning around.

“Yes, yes they have. Quite and interesting display…”

The salesman chuckled a little before replying, “Yes, well, their previous owner liked the aesthetic. I’m told he kept them on display like this most of the time.”

I nodded and turned towards the salesman, “And why has he put them up for sale?”

“Ah, well, not by choice I’m afraid. He was of… advanced years, and well, let’s just say he went out enjoying himself.”

This time it was my turn to chuckle, “Are they identical twins?”

“Technically no, fraternal, but with all the work he had done to them, well even their mother would be hard pressed to tell them apart now.”

I nodded again and walked up to the display stand and walked around it, my hand gently gliding across their asses.

“No need to be so subdued, give Daniel’s ass a good hard slap there…” the salesman said and I cocked an eyebrow before raising my hand up and slapping the firm ass cheek in front of me.

“Oh baby thats it, give your naughty dolly a good spanking!” the high pitched voice of Daniel filled the showroom

“Me too! Me too! Spank Channel too!” Channel’s identical voice said as well.

“Their previous owner has some very… specific ideas about doll play. They can be reprogrammed of course, whatever changes you would like for only a minor add on fee.”

I nodded a third time and then walked around in front of the display once more, “Well, let’s head over to your office and discuss the details…”

The salesman nodded and smiled at the same time and waved me towards his office. I’d already decided the price wasn’t an issue, but just like their previous owner, I too had some… specific ideas about how to play with dolls.

“Ah, I see Daniel and Channel have caught your eye…” the salesman’s voice came from behind me and I smirked without turning around.

“They have, haven’t I seen them on display before?”

“You may very well have, this isn’t their first time here. They’ve come in this time as part of our upgrade program.”

I smiled and waved over in their general direction, “May I?” I asked.

“Of course.” the salesman replied and I walked over to get a better look at the girls. I walked around the bed inspecting them until I came over to the one kneeling over her sister.

“You know this isn’t a case of look but don’t touch… feel free to get hands on…” the salesman said and a smiled as I reached out and caressed the extended posterior of the closest of the two to me.

The high pitched gasp that came from the blonde’s mouth half startled me and I almost removed my hand from her ass, but then she moaned and started to speak in a high pitched voice.

“Dani! I’m being played with! Like it feeeeeels soooooo goooooood!!!!!”

The girl laying on the bed moved until she was in a mirror position of her sister, “Oh my god Chanii, I’m so jealous! Good little dolls like us deserved to be played with all the time! I hope he plays with me next, then we can all play together!”

The salesman chuckled inwardly to himself as another customer signed the paperwork to take possession of Daniel and Channel. This was the fourth time he’d sold the twins in the last five years and at this rate, he’d be able to retire just on the commissions from the twins.

It was such good business that he had been putting out feelers for find another set of sisters, even if they weren’t fraternal, to put through the program.

After all, it wasn’t like they had to start out as identical twins, just end up that way. And the company had more than enough skill to accomplish that with even marginally similarly looking siblings.