“Excuse me Miss, do you work here?” a voice called out from behind Missy and she turned towards it.

She immediately regretted doing so, as she was confronted with a man over twice her age, in a swimsuit a few sizes too small and an oversized t-shirt.

“Ah… no sorry.” she replied and started to turn and walk away.

“Oh, well, I mean you were looking like a hot little slut in that tiny bikini bottom… I just assumed you were one of the hotel attendants.” he replied nonchalantly and Missy’s jaw almost hit the ground.

“What did you say!” she shouted as she turned to confront him, her face twisted in to a scowl.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. I mean look at her over there…” the man said an pointed over towards one of the umbrellas. A man was laying back on the chair and a blonde woman, clearly wearing the hotel uniform, was on her knees sucking his dick.

Somehow Missy’s jaw dropped even lower.

“I mean, it’s all perfectly well and natural, she certainly seems to be enjoying her work…” the man said and something in the back of Missy’s mind buzzed for a moment.

She managed to get her jaw to return to a somewhat normal position so she could speak, “Well… I mean… I guess… but… that’s not… right? Is it?”

Confusion filled her mind as the man continued speaking, “Well, no one is forcing her to suck his dick, and it’s not like he’s paying her to do it, it’s just the hotel’s customer service policy. So if neither of them think it’s wrong, can it be anything but right?”

Missy shook her head as another small tickle buzzed in the back of her head just before her frown started to wane.

“Hey, I bet you could suck dick like that if you wanted to. Well, I mean those thin lips might make it a bit more challenging to get the kind of suction that blonde is, but I bet a guy could really hang on to those pig tails to make up for it.”

“You… you think so? But… I don’t… I mean…” the buzzing in Missy’s head moved towards the front of it and her eyes rolled back into their sockets for a moment before she opened her eyes and smiled at the man standing in front of her.

“You think Missy make good cock sucker Mister?” Missy said in a chipper upbeat voice.

“Oh yeah, I good cocksucker and a hot little fuck too. I bet that ass it tight enough to bounce quarters off of.”

Missy blushed and lowered her head slightly, “Thanks Mister. You make Missy so horny, you want Missy to suck your cock now? Or you wanna fuck Missy’s tight little pussy instead?”

“And If want want to do both?”

“Of course Mister! You fuck Missy any way you like! Missy make you cum long time. Missy fucky sucky all night if you want.”

Missy smiled as the man took her hand and lead her over to one of the chairs under a free umbrella, then he sat down and Missy eagerly let him take hold of her pigtails and fuck her face for as long as he wanted to.