“Holy shit… I mean, is that really her?” Damien asked as I escorted him in to the room where my latest conquest stood.

“Yep, I mean, yes and no. She doesn’t know that she is who she is, just that she’s a big fan and likes to dress up as her.”

Damien shook his head and let out a low whistle, “I mean, is it safe to talk about it in front of her?”

“Oh yeah, completely. The spell just redirects her attention away from the truth of what we’re talking about. Isn’t that right Dede?” I said and then looked at my conquest.

A smile and giggle came from her lips before she replied, “Like, what? I must of zoned out there, like, what was the question?”

I chucked and replied, “Oh Damien here was just wondering if you would show off that wonderful ass of yours to him…”

Dede quickly undid her skirt and then tossed it to the side before turned around and sticking her ass out.

“Of course! giggle I love showing off my ass to guys!”

“Fuck me!” Damien replied and just stared as Dede ran her hands over her ass and then gave it a few solid slaps.

giggle Sure, if Tommy says it’s ok…” Dede replied.

“Maybe later…” I said and the smile of Dede’s face grew even wider as she closed her eyes and let her hands roam all over her body.

“As you can see, the spell is very effective.”

“Yeah, sure, but how long is it going to last?”

“Well, pretty much indefinitely. You do have to give it a boost every decade or so, but even then it will be nearly a century before any significant weakening in it will be apparent.”

“Dede, why don’t you recite your mantra for Damien…”

Dede turned around once more, quickly removing the bandanna around her head and then putting her hands on top of her head, pushing her chest out and looking right at Damien.

“My body is always on display. I exist for the pleasure of my Master. I have no will but that which my Master gives me. My Master makes use of me in any way he sees fit. I belong to my Master.”

Damien nodded towards me then finally smiled, “Damn it Thomas, you win. I didn’t think you could make a spell that would subjugate a real honest to goodness demi-god, but you’ve done it!”

I chuckled and smiled back at him, “Well, we both win really. As per the bet I’ll teach you the spell, and we’ll both have endless fun over the coming millennium with our super powered play things.”

We both chuckled at that and left Dede to continue to recite her mantras for a while longer before Damien would return to partake in the one time heroine.