Oliva pulled her hair up in to bunch and then tied it behind her in a short pony tail as she looked down at the two large, round orbs that adorned her chest.

She sighed inwardly as she watched the thin white material rise up and down as she breathed. This wasn’t how she was supposed to make it to the top, not as some trophy wife with a bolt on rack and an eating disorder.

She had been so close to taking over the company and kicking out the old boys network that had been in charge since long before her father had passed away and bequeathed it to her, she was sure she was going to succeed!

The door opened behind her and her glaze moved up from her tits to the mirror in front of her as she finished tying off her hair. In the doorway was Reginald, of as she referred to him in public, Reggie.

He was the CEO now, and all she could do was smile at his reflection in the mirror.

He walked over to her, a smile on his face as well as his hand came up and touched the back of her neck, his finger running down the small scare that was there from the surgery he had performed on her himself.

“Still a little too visible for your hair to be up Livy, keep it down for now. Are you still applying the cream every day?”

Her hands reached back up and undid her hair, letting it fall back around her shoulders once more, “Of course Reggie.” she replied and turned around to face him, pushing her chest out as she did.

Her tits caught his eye and he reached up to grab them, “God Kevin did a great job on these didn’t he…” he said as he squeezed her tits firmly.

“Oh god Reggie, squeeze my big fake titties!”

Reginald pushed her top to the sides and continued to molest her tits, all the while she cooed, and moaned, and begged him to continue.

Eventually he stopped and she pouted for just a second before she started to sink to her knees.

“Not right now Livy, we’ve got places to be.” he said and pulled her back up.

Her pout returned even more so, “But… but… ok.” she conceded and then fixed up her top before snuggling up beside him and letting him lead her to the board meeting.

She’d done everything she could to avoid it, but before the night was through, she’d have signed over her controlling interest in the company to Reginald and there would be nothing left for her to do be be the dutiful trophy wife that the chip in her head forced her to be anyway.